What Are The Best Soaps For BJJ And MMA Training (A 2022 Review)

Welcome to my review of the best soaps for BJJ and MMA training!

There’s an unwritten rule in the BJJ and MMA world that almost all people respectfully follow, and that is hygiene and etiquette. No one likes rolling or sparring with smelly people, and I guess you do not want to too.

While grappling in BJJ or sparring in MMA, it is normal to sweat a lot. However, because you are occasionally rolling on the floor or having skin contact with partners, there’s a high chance of you picking up skin irritation, odor, or worse an infection.

If you’re wondering which soap to use in your training, then this content is what you are looking for. In this review, I will provide you with some of the best antibacterial and antifungal soaps on the market and help you determine which one suits your preference.

The Importance Of Hygiene During Training

I believe that taking a shower after a workout is pretty obvious. If we fail to cleanse our body, the presence of bacteria in our sweat may cause skin conditions or promote fungal growth like irritation, body odor, athlete’s foot, etc.

In order to avoid these situations, you should choose the best body soap. But you have to understand that different soap caters to different needs.

For example, regular soap is usually mild compared to antibacterial and antifungal soaps. This is so because these soaps are specially made to cleanse the body from skin infection or fungal growth.

Now, it is for the reason that taking a shower is super essential after a long hour of training.

For MMA and BJJ fighters, or any form of workout, the advisable soap would always be antibacterial and antifungal soap. I also think it is proper because of the amount of sweat released by our bodies.

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The Best Soaps For BJJ And MMA Training

1. Defense Antifungal Medicated Bar Soap

The Defense Medicated Bar Soap is made of tea tree oil and eucalyptus extracts. This combo is a one-two punch in combating harmful bacteria and preventing the growth of fungi that are causing skin infections.

The Best Soap for BJJ and MMA Training - Defense Antifungal Medicated

One good thing about this soap is that it is clinically proven that it verifies its ability to fight off such harmful elements that come from sweat, germs, or allergens during training. The soap also exfoliates dead skins that wash them away as you take your shower.

The soap is also made of organic ingredients. No chemicals, scents, or other preservatives are added.  Thus, your skin is risk-free from getting dry or other experiencing other irritants that are caused by strong chemicals.

In addition, they are also hypoallergenic. What this means is that the soaps are safe even for people with sensitive skin. Lastly, the Defense Medicated Bar Soap is triple-milled, which indicates that they are hard and don’t break away easily. The soaps will remain intact as long as you’re using them.

2. Gold’s BJJ Submission Soap

Gold’s BJJ is a known manufacturer of gears and apparel used in combat sports. However, some might not have expected them to also produce antibacterial soap. But, yes, they do.

The Best Soap for BJJ and MMA Training - Golds BJJ Submission

The Gold’s BJJ submissions is a line of antibacterial soap that is specially designed for individuals training for specific combat sports like MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, etc.

It is made of all-natural and organic materials that include eucalyptus oil and essential tree tea oil. This is a potent combination that fights off bacteria and prevents the growth of fungi.

Since it’s designed for MMA and BJJ fighters, I like to think that they adapted the term submission to indicate that this soap effectively makes any forms of skin infection, staph infections, and ringworms tap out.

Aside from protecting your skin from harmful elements, they are also scented that keep your skin fresh and minty during training sessions.

Another notable feature is the tea tree extract that doesn’t cause harm to the skin, unlike regular soap. Other ingredients include shea butter, peppermint leaves, olive oil, hemp oil coconut oil, peppermint leaves, palm oil, and cajeput oil.

3. Viking Revolution Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash Liquid Soap

For grapplers, Viking Revolution’s antifungal body wash is the ideal option. This antifungal soap is available in liquid form. Not only is this soap very effective at preventing any type of microbes from contacting your skin, but it also takes effect fastly.

The Best Soap for BJJ and MMA Training - Vikings Revolution

Made with powerful Tea Tree oil, and several other ingredients, this soap treats anything whether eczema, jock itch, ringworm, nail fungus infections, and other infections. This Tea Tree Body Wash is completely natural, so you can use it on your skin with confidence, knowing it won’t cause irritation.

The soap moisturizes and soothes itchy, scaly, and cracked skin. It can also fight off stubborn and bad body odor. For fighters who prefer liquid soap over solid bar soaps, this Viking Revolution Antifungal soap would work best.

4. All Natural Remedy Soap

If you’re not comfortable using soap, then you can try All Natural Remedy Soap every after your workouts. It is a liquid soap that is primarily made from tea tree oil and eucalyptus extracts. Other essential ingredients include aloe vera, peppermint, coconut oil, and mint.

The Best Soap for BJJ and MMA Training - All Natural Remedy Soap

Aside from their antibacterial and germ-fighting function, they are also gentle to the skin. It doesn’t contain any chemicals that can be harmful to the skin.

Also, the addition of aloe vera is beneficial for various reasons. Some of the reasons include its moisturizing effects is that it aids in faster healing of wounds, and lightens blemishes.

So if you want to keep your skin free of harmful bacteria and fungal growth and feel refreshed and smooth at the same time, then the All Natural Remedy Soap is the one you’re looking for. The only hassle for me is that you may also have to bring your sponge with you during training days.

5. Blue Steel Sports Soap

Like the previous one, the primary ingredients include eucalyptus and tea tree oil. As mentioned, the combination of tea tree oil and eucalyptus is effective against fungal overgrowth and prevents the harmful effects of bacteria.

The Best Soap for BJJ and MMA Training - Blue Steel Sports

In case wounds or skin infections occur, eucalyptus also acts as an antiseptic agent that aids in faster healing and recovery. On the other hand, tea tree oil is known to be effective in preventing and treating ringworms, onychomycosis, and other skin conditions.

You may also find that the soaps are coarse. And it is so for a good reason. What it does is that it eliminates dead skin cells and harmful elements like germs and infection-causing bacteria.

But unlike the soap I previously reviewed, the Blue Steel Sports Soap is triple-milled. What it means is it is hard and doesn’t crumble easily. This antibacterial soap can last long and will remain intact as long as you’re still using them.

Overall, the Blue Steel Sports Soap is a great buy if you’re looking for a soap that can effectively clean your entire body after workouts.

6. Power Clean Soap

Some of the antibacterial or antifungal soaps that you can find on the market are mostly loaded with chemicals that could be potentially harmful to your skin. You have to realize that cleaning your skin doesn’t have to involve soaps that contain chemicals.

The Best Soap for BJJ and MMA Training- Power Clean Soap

The Power Clean Soap is made of organic materials that are sure to keep your skin clean and free of harmful bacteria without the need for any chemicals. If you are conscious of the chemical contents in your soap, then you can definitely trust this bar of soap.

They are 100% made of all-natural ingredients. It is non-GMO and free of sodium laurel, parabens, and other chemicals that could irritate your skin. Like other brands listed here, they are also infused with tea tree oil extracts that act as a potent antifungal and antibacterial agent.

In addition, they may help in promoting skin and muscle recovery in case of injuries. Another benefit of the Power Clean Soap is that it also helps effectively against other skin conditions like acne, fungus, athlete’s foot, and eczema.

And aside from helping you reduce the risk of skin conditions, glycerin formulation also helps moisturizes the skin.

It is also available in various scents that include lavender, blood orange, coffee, and my personal favorite, lemongrass because it gives you that minty fragrance after baths.

Final Thoughts

I hope my review of the best soaps for BJJ and MMA training has helped you in determining which brand to use after your workouts.

But no matter what soap you use, I believe that you can never go wrong with any of the ones listed in this review.

They are some of the best in the market and obtained a high rank on Amazon and it may just all depend on your personal preference.

Well, I guess that’s just about it! Thank you for taking time off and reading my content!

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