What are the Best Leg Stretching Machines for Improving Flexibility?

Welcome to my review of the best leg stretching machines for improving flexibility!

Combat sports like mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and Muay Thai involves kicking strikes during sparring or official bouts.

Kicks are one of their most important arsenals if they’re going to win.

And one way to improve your flexibility or fighting stance is through the help of a machine called leg stretchers.

If you’re looking for the top-notch brands around, then you have come to the right place.

In this review, I have listed some of the best leg stretching machines for improving flexibility in the market.

And then, I will help you determine which one suits your preference.

So without further delays, let’s begin…

What is a leg stretching machine?

Leg flexibility is especially important for individuals training for MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, or any sports that require leg strikes.

And one way you can strengthen your legs is through the help leg stretching machine.

Its goal is to improve the elasticity of the muscle tissues in the leg area. And then, it also helps the muscles become more adaptable through stretching and relaxing at a faster rate.

To summarize the above paragraph, leg stretching is all about enhancing your lower torso’s flexibility.

But people who are not training for any form of combat sports may also benefit from such equipment.

Some of the health benefits of leg stretching include—

  • Improving your cardiovascular system
  • It may help in relieving joint pain
  • It may support a good posture

At this point, you may be wondering—what is the best leg stretching machines for improving flexibility today?

If this is the case, then let’s continue to the next chapter and find out…

What are the best leg stretching machines for improving flexibility?

Century Versaflex 2.0

Century Versaflex 2.0 is one of the best gears out there that you can try to enhance your leg flexibility.

The gear particularly focuses on the hip and leg area. As a result, it could help the fighter improve their leg strikes and gain vantage over their opponents during sparring or official bouts.

The Best Leg Stretching Machines for Improving Flexibility

This is possible through their lever that supports your legs to stretch up to 190 degrees.

Another plus factor of the gear is that it is easy to operate. And you can begin training as soon as you have fully assembled them.

They are comfortable to use, which is an important factor to consider because it can aid you to push the fighter to their limits and train more efficiently.

The only challenge I see so far in using this gear is that it may be difficult to assemble. It may take some time and patience for you to take the pieces into places.

But overall, the Century Versaflex is a great buy, especially for combat sports fighter desiring to take their game to the next level.

Century Versaflex 2.0


  • You can adjust the leg pad of the gear based on your desired limit
  • It allows the user to monitor their progress through these leg pads
  • Quality build

  • Cons

    • Although the machine may seem to have a sturdy-built at first, there are users who’ve experienced mechanical issues over time.
    • Expensive
    • Assembly challenge

    Proforce Stretchmaster Leg Stretcher

    If you’re training for a specific martial art discipline, then you might want to consider the Proforce Stretcher Leg Stretcher.

    Like the previous item reviewed, this equipment is designed to help the fighter achieve their maximum leg flexibility and hip mobility by enhancing the range of motion of their joints and limbs.

    The Best Leg Stretching Machines for Improving Flexibility

    With this equipment, it allows you to have full control of the level of intensity of the stretching. This is a good thing because it gives you the ability to monitor your progress as well.

    It also has a sturdy-built quality that gives you that sense of confidence that it won’t break that easily as you perform your workout regimen.

    But I believe one of the most important features of the equipment is its paddings and leg rests, which provides a certain level of comfort.

    As I mentioned earlier, this is essential, especially if the fighter is training for long hours.

    The only downside of this equipment is that the leg rest isn’t adjustable, which may lead some to experience discomfort during training.

    Overall, I believe that this piece of equipment is a great investment for many years to come.

    Proforce Stretchmaster Leg Stretcher


    • It’s mechanically built can definitely help you improve your leg flexibility
    • It allows full leg control


    • The leg rest isn’t adjustable, which may cause discomfort to some

    Valor Fitness CA-27 Leg Stretcher

    The Valor Fitness CA-27 Leg Stretcher is the perfect partner if you’re looking for equipment that can provide you an efficient way to improve your flexibility.

    It has a sturdy and quality built and offers a certain comfort level that can help you keep going as you carry on your training.

    The Best Leg Stretching Machines for Improving Flexibility

    The surface of the paddings on top of the leg rests made of vinyl. Aside from the comfort factor, it is also hygienic and easy to clean after you work out.

    In addition, such material is also durable and resistant against any tearing.

    It also has adjustable back support that helps you maintain your posture and prevent any back soreness.

    Other notable features that it has included is its steel gear system, detachable self-locking wheel mechanism, and a wheel handle that allows you to adjust the leg rest conveniently.

    Valor Fitness CA-27 Leg Stretcher


    • It has an adjustable back support mechanism
    • The materials of the paddings are made of vinyl, which makes them durable and hygienic
    • Lightweight
    • The equipment is also easy to store


    • It may need more paddings


    Unlike the previous leg stretching machines previously mentioned, the IdealStretch is simple, easy to use, easy to store, and convenient to carry if you want to bring them in your commute.

    They are portable, which you can divide into two and fit them in your, and you’re all set!

    The Best Leg Stretching Machines for Improving Flexibility

    The equipment’s steel frame is also lightweight, which makes them a delight to bring wherever you go.

    This may be the case—rest assured that it is sturdy enough to last long for many years, even if you use them regularly and under intense workouts.

    The gear primarily targets your calves and hamstrings. It may also be beneficial to people experiencing soreness in the hamstring, lateral knee, or lumbar area, just to name a few.



    • It is very portable which you can carry anywhere you go
    • The steel frame is lightweight
    • It could relieve back pains as well
    • The gear is very durable


    • The available sizes are limited
    • Workout experience may not be as smooth compared to their more premium counterparts

    Figrol Leg Stretcher

    The Figrol Leg Stretcher is another budget-friendly leg stretching machine.

    As simple as its designs may be, they are very effective in helping you improve your flexibility.

    The Best Leg Stretching Machines for Improving Flexibility

    It enhances the strength of your hamstrings and inner thighs. And it then, it can help you to split up to 180 degrees.

    It features six tubes and six holes, allowing you to adjust the level of tension on your legs and stretch them to your desired intensity.

    On the other hand, the outer poles adjust the stretch, while the middle poles are used to adjust the tensions as well with the help of your hands.

    Figrol Leg Stretcher


    • They are easy to store in your closet or trunk of your car if you’re on the move
    • This leg stretching machine is very affordable
    • Simple design
    • It has a sturdy metal frame


    • Some parts of notches may not move smoothly
    • Tall trainers may find it hard to use them

    EverStretch Leg Stretcher

    If you’re looking for a gear that’s convenient to carry, then the EverStrecth Leg Stretcher is what might you’re looking for.

    Its design is also unique compared to a typical leg stretcher. This gear is extremely portable and easy to store, making them excellent for minimalist and those who want to maximize their space.

    The Best Leg Stretching Machines for Improving Flexibility

    This is also especially helpful for those living in a small space like a condo or apartment unit.

    But in my opinion, the only downside of the gear or its huge inconvenience is that you have to find or make a hook to hang it.

    It may also cause damage to your walls or doors where it is attached.

    Although this is a great investment to improve your flexibility, it may not be ideal for beginners, and may it hard to use it as well.

    Overall, I still think the EverStretch Leg Stretcher is a good investment if your goal is to improve your flexibility.

    EverStretch Leg Stretcher


    • It is extremely portable
    • The stretch is in an upright position
    • The leg stretcher is lightweight
    • It induces more of a natural stretch
    • It has a simple design


    • It doesn’t have a locking mechanism

    Final thoughts

    I hope my review of the best leg stretching machines for improving flexibility has provided you sufficient information in determining which brand to use during your leg stretching workouts.

    If you want an affordable leg stretching machine, you could try for the last three items—EverStrecth Leg Stretcher, Figrol Leg Stretcher, or the IdealStretch.

    But if you’re looking for more premium equipment and don’t mind the price range, you can go for the Century Versaflex 2.0 or Proforce Stretchmaster Leg Stretcher.

    But you can’t go wrong with any of the items listed in this review because they are among the best in the market.

    Well, I guess that’s just about it!

    Thank you for taking time off and reading my “the best leg stretching machine for improving flexibility” content!

    I hope to see you next time!


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