10 Best Grappling Dummies For BJJ And MMA (2023 Review)

Best Grappling Dummies for BJJ and MMA

It's difficult to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA grappling without having a training partner to roll with. However, there's a solution for that, and these are grappling dummies. In this article, we are going to review the best grappling dummies for BJJ and MMA!

Unlike other combat sports like Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai where you can have some shadow boxing or have kicking drills to help with refining your skill, you cannot do that in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or MMA Grappling at all. Ground techniques and skills can only be practiced by actually rolling and performing the moves.

While grappling dummies doesn't defend itself nor give out the same benefits of having a human person to grapple with, it gives you a replica of a person's structure so you can practice the techniques. It has limbs, body, and head, all of which are critical areas that are often attacked during Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA grappling sessions.

If you want to learn basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA grappling techniques without the need to enroll to classes or the need to have a training partner, that's what grappling dummies are for! But just a reminder, to get the best out of training, it's still best to learn from proper BJJ classes and from high degree belt trainers.

So, if you’re looking for the top grappling dummy brands you can use for your training, then this content is just for you! In this review, I have listed some of the brands you can choose from. Plus, I also prepared a buyer’s guide to help you with your future purchases.

What Is A Grappling Dummy?

A grappling dummy replicates the structure of a human body. They are usually heavy enough to make the realistic feel of human body weight. They have commonly have movable joints and bendable limbs. It is designed for training grappling submissions and wrestling techniques.

The primary purpose of grappling dummies is to help you improve your skills without the need for a sparring partner. Having this type of equipment gives you the advantage of training essentially anywhere, school, at the comfort of your home, or even in your work if it’s possible. You can practice lifts, throws, and takedown tactics as you do against a real person.

Having this equipment will be a huge help in training since grappling and ground attacks are a basic foundation in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Also, grappling dummies are helpful in practicing takedowns, and can also build your explosive strength.

Although they may not provide the same advantage as those with actual sparring sessions, it could still help you improve your skills nonetheless. Doing drills like basic guard passing, submissions, and ground and pound will get you ready for sure.

Buyer's Guide

There are several basic factors to look for when choosing which grappling dummy to use. Since grappling dummies will be subject to wear and tear, being wise in choosing is a big investment. Some of the factors above will relatively base on your personal preference or needs.

Now, let’s explain how to choose the best grappling dummies for BJJ and MMA training, one by one below!

Unfilled Or Filled

Some sellers would allow you to choose whether to ship the grappling dummies filled or unfilled. This factor is pretty much personal preference, with both sides having their advantages and disadvantages. 

An advantage of having them filled is that you no longer have to think of the materials or fillers you’re going to place inside the grappling dummy. On the other hand, an unfilled package is less expensive.

Size and Weight

As for the size, it is preferable to select the one that’s approximate to your height. This is because if you are training for matches, of course, you will fight anyone in your weight division. It would be beneficial if you will have a grasp and feel of how the grappling exchanges will go.

Same as the size, the weight should also be close to yours as well. Not the same weight, though. This is because the dummies are dead weight, which means that it would be very hard to move them around if it’s the same weight as yours.


Perhaps the most crucial quality to look for in a grappling dummy is flexibility. Your dummy should be adaptable enough to let you lock it into any situations that a human may reasonably be placed in. Once the submission has been done, it should be able to move back to its original place.

If the dummy is excessively stiff, then you will have trouble getting it into realistic locks and submissions. Stiff dummies won't let you experience the full range of motion. Conversely, if the dummy is very flexible, you won’t experience much resistance. These are all important because you will carry on this feel through the real thing.


For you to ensure that the grappling dummies are durable, it is advisable to stick with reputable brands such as the ones listed in this review. For training equipment, always think about the quality over the quantity. A cheap price would not be wise if it will get damaged or destroyed easily. Think of this as an investment.

As said earlier, grappling dummies will be subjected to wear and tear. The dummy will be subjected to harsh conditions with all the pulling, pushing, throwing, and slamming actions that you will do to it. Durability is vital so you won't be wasting your money on something that won't last long.

The Best Grappling Dummies for BJJ and MMA

1. Ring To Cage Deluxe 3.0 Grappling Dummy

In terms of grappling attacks, dummies in the sitting position are a bit better compared to those in the standing position. And the reason for such is that this position more closely resembles a realistic position in actual grappling motions.

Another notable feature of this equipment is that it can also be an alternative to a heavy bag in case you don’t have any available. The equipment is available in either unfilled or filled. They also a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles.

The only downside of this dummy is it is super expensive. But if you have the budget and wanted to invest in quality equipment that could help you improve your skills, then the Ring to Cage Deluxe 3.0 Grappling is one of the best Grappling Dummies for BJJ in  this list.

Ring to Cage Deluxe 3.0 Grappling Dummy


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Can be converted to a heavy bag


  • Equipment is expensive

2. CBC MMA Grappling Dummy

Upon seeing the grappling dummy for the first time, my initial reaction was the over aesthetics of the training equipment. It was apparent to me that the manufacturer also paid special attention to its design. It is simple, pleasing to look at, but also not overly styled.

Aside from the design, they are also excellent for BJJ and MMA training that can help you improve your strikes and grappling skills. This grappling dummy is also at a seated position. You can try out different combat scenarios with this grappling dummy and work out how you can effectively deal with them. 

However, it may not be suitable for wrestling training or takedowns because of its position. But nevertheless, the CBC MMA Grappling Dummy is one of the best in terms of practicing your grappling and submission moves.

CBC MMA Grappling Dummy


  • Flexible
  • High quality material
  • Dummy structure best suitable for leg submissions


  • There is chemical smell upon opening. Exposing it in air before using is advisable

3. DEFY Leather Grappling Dummy

The DEFY Leather Grappling Dummy is best suited for practicing your grappling attacks. It is also a double face, which means that you can work on your punches in either way. The grappling dummy comes in package unfilled and can be filled up to 70 kg.

It is made of high-grade synthetic leather, which makes it very durable. The training equipment is strong that it can last even if you use them regularly under intense workouts. Some of the best materials that you can use to fill the equipment include polyester fillers or old-used clothes.

Another notable feature of the DEFY Leather Grappling Dummy is its amazing heavy-duty stitching. It means that it doesn’t fall off easily. Lastly, they offer an amazing five-year warranty on your selected item. All you have to do is to contact them.

DEFY Leather Grappling Dummy


  • Relatively affordable price
  • High-grade synthetic leather
  • Durable construction


  • According to comments from those who’ve used them, the size may not be accurate and may be shorter than expected.

4. Kuell Grappling Dummy

The Kuell Grappling Dummy is made of quality materials that include military-grade vinyl. This specific feature makes them decently durable that can absorb high-intensity impacts as well. Another plus feature of the training dummy is that it is very resistant to tearing.

It’s a standing grappling dummy, which means that it’s also excellent for practicing your kicks and punches. The equipment is also resistant to sweat and doesn’t absorb moisture. But it is a very easy wash as soon as it starts to smell.

The only downside of this training equipment is that it can be hard to fill up. Also, the zippers may not be as reliable compared to other brands listed in this review. But a positive note here is that the Kuell Grappling Dummy is the most affordable, among others.

Kuell Grappling Dummy


  • Sweat-resistant
  • Tear-resistant
  • Very affordable
  • Durable Material


  • It may have issues with its zippers
  • Grappling dummy may be hard to fill

5. Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy

Combat Sports is another popular brand that manufactures gears and other equipment for MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, etc. Just like Ring to Cage, the Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy is also high-end equipment that could cost you a lot of money.

If you’re investing in quality equipment that could help you improve your MMA and BJJ skills, then this grappling dummy may just provide you just that. The equipment is very durable and versatile. It can take hard punches or throwdowns and can last long, even if you use them regularly.

The design of the grappling is also perfect for practicing your submission moves. It is mainly available in two colors that include black and green. It is made of military-grade vinyl and heavy-duty nylon. What this means is that aside from the durability factor, they are also very easy to clean and resistant against sweat.

Its only downside, however, is that it may not be as flexible compared to other items listed here. It might be a little stiff and hard to flex them. But overall, the Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy is great value for money if you want to move up your skills to the next level.

Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy


  • Made of high-quality vinyl and nylon, which makes them very durable and easier to clean
  • Versatile
  • Sweat-resistant


  • Expensive than competing brands

6. Bestzo MMA Grappling Dummy

This grappling dummy is unusual to look at with a unique design. The Beszto grappling dummy is a highly-specialized dummy for Jiu-Jitsu. In addition, the posture it comes in is kneeling, with arms bent at an angle. However, this has a very specific use for grapplers.

Beszto boasts that this grappling dummy is extremely durable and even unbreakable throughout the hardest training sessions. Due to its durability, it’s one of the best grappling dummies for BJJ and MMA’s ground and pound. 

Furthermore, its stance is its best quality. You can practice sprawls, back or turtle attacks, and front headlocks when you are in this posture. Due to the dummy's distinctive location, there are countless options for drills.

Bestzo MMA Grappling Dummy


  • Made of high quality canvas material
  • Longer and more mobile arms
  • Durable and unbreakable material


  • Only sold as unfilled dummy

7. LEATHERAY Grappling Dummy

Another well-known company that sells various sports equipment is LeatheRay. This brand is well known for its cutting-edge tools and gear. The majority of people like and have faith in their products due to their dependability and long-lasting gear for various fighting sports.The grappling dummy made by LeatheRay is durable.

This dummy can withstand different blows from fighters who want to practice their BJJ techniques or MMA combat ground and pound thanks to the use of premium materials and superb craftsmanship. Hence, this dummy can last long without suffering any possible damage.

Following is its convenience and portability. You can easily fold it up and carry anywhere, which makes it easy to transport. The task just requires two persons who can raise an arm or a leg, therefore there are also no complications at all when putting it back in place.

LEATHERAY Grappling Dummy


  • Double stitched seams
  • Offered in different sizes
  • Made of top grade synthetic leather


  • Only sold as unfilled dummy

8. DAAN MMA Grappling Dummy

DAAN MMA Grappling dummy is another excellent product that I have found upon researching. Due to its durability, it is capable of withstanding even the most intense training sessions. In addition, this dummy is versatile and can be used for other purposes.

Due to its versatility, you can do a lot of drills moves with this dummy and you can do practice supine, turtle, practice up and down and also you can do wrestling and its ready for attack and you can easily practice daily your drills at your place without any opponent.

Without endangering yourself or your training partner, you can practice your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA grappling skills and refine them. This DAAN MMA grappling dummy allows you to practice your sitting motions because it is in a sitting position.

DAAN MMA Grappling Dummy


  • Versatile dummy position
  • Heavy-duty vinyl with four-ply polyester-nylon thread and double-reinforced stitching
  • Water-proof fabric


  • Only sold as unfilled dummy

9. Jendila MMA BJJ Grappling Dummy

The Jendila MMA BJJ grapling dummy is another perfect option. This dummy is on a sitting position that allows you to train your moves perfectly and dominate your opponents. It has a unique design that makes it different from the rest of dummies listed here. 

It is carefully crafted, which allows it to last longer than the other dummies of the same tier. The durable stitching and thicker canvas prove to be the best combo for prolonged training sessions. The best feature of this dummy is its movable limbs. You can cross its arms or make it at an angle the same as other dummies.

Also, you have the choice between three distinct colors to find your favorite. Although there aren't many selections available, three colors are sufficient as most individuals just purchase them for training.

Jendila MMA BJJ Grappling Dummy


  • Affordable price
  • Premium canvas and reinforced stitching for durability
  • Movable position of legs and limbs


  • Only sold as unfilled dummy

10. QMUK MATARTS MMA Grappling Dummy

QMUK Matarts MMA grappling dummy is another gem that I have found upon researching. This dummy has a real human-like design that provides realistic BJJ and MMA grappling training experience, as well as throwing and punching skills and techniques.

In addition, the QMUK Matarts MMA grappling dummy is highly durable due to its reliable build quality of tough polyester fabric. Its limbs have the perfect mobility, not too stiff, but not too soft too. This is the ideal one of mastering your submission skills.

This dummy can only be bought unfilled with foam. However, they do suggest that used fabric or cotton can be the best filling for the dummy. Upon filling the dummy up, it will be stable. Lastly, the dummy is 4 feet tall and if completely filled, can weight for up to 20 kgs depending on what you used for filling.

QMUK MATARTS MMA Grappling Dummy


  • Versatile and can be used as heavy bag
  • Mobile limbs
  • High quality material for durability


  • The dummy may have a soft, stuffed-toy like texture depending on your filling

Final Thoughts

I hope my review of the best grappling dummies for BJJ and MMA has provided you sufficient information in determining which one you’ll use in your training. I also hope that the buyer’s guide may help you in your future purchases.

Whichever brand you choose, you can never go wrong with any of the grappling dummies on this list because they are among the best in the market. Which brand you’ll use may just depend on your personal preference.

Consequently, if you want to really get better at BJJ and MMA grappling, nothing beats the learnings that you get from an actual class. You'll have knowledgeable coaches that will properly teach you even the slightest details of grappling, and also you get to roll with live humans who can resist your offense.

Lastly, do not forget to stretch and warmup before every workout you do, to avoid any training related injuries that might derail your learning and training process. It just takes 5-10 minutes to do but the benefits are important. Well, I guess that’s just about it! Thank you for taking the time off and reading my review of the best grappling dummies for BJJ and MMA.

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