Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves 2024 Review (Decent Or Not?)

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Hey there! Thanks for checking out my review of the Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves!

Nowadays, there are lots of companies making gear for combat sports. Each brand has its own unique features. One brand that's been around for a while is Ring To Cage.

Ring to Cage has been working hard for years to make gloves that can compete with Winning Gloves. Their efforts have finally paid off with the Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves!

Some people think these gloves are copies, but that's not true. In fact, these gloves are really good and in high demand.

The Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves are often called "Japanese Style Gloves." In this review, we'll talk about the good and bad things about them, and all the important details you should know before buying. Let's dive in without any delay!

Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves Review Quick Summary

Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves

Name: Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves
Brand: Ring to Cage
Rating: 4/5
Recommended? Yes


Let's talk about the Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves and focus on the first important aspect: comfort. To put it simply, these gloves are really comfortable because Ring to Cage used good padding and materials. The liner, which is similar to Winning gloves, is soft and does a great job managing sweat.

However, there's a small issue with comfort due to the rough tag that Ring to Cage uses. The 12oz gloves have the tag outside, while the 16oz gloves have it sewn on the wrist liner, which can be uncomfortable.

Talking about padding, these gloves mold well to your hands, and the hand compartment is wide, allowing you to use more hand wraps for better support.

The thumbs are straight, inspired by Winning gloves, helping users make a good fist. While Winning gloves may have slightly better thumbs, the C-17 is still good.

In summary, the Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves can compete with Winning Gloves when it comes to comfort. There aren't many gloves out there that can match the comfort provided by C-17.

Performance, Protection, Padding

Ring to Cage C-17 gloves have a similar comfy feel to Winning Gloves because of their layered padding. You can use them right out of the box for training and sparring. The padding in C-17 is on par with Winning.

However, C-17 lacks good wrist support compared to Winning, especially the ones with Velcro. Some users feel a slight shock while throwing punches, even if their wrists aren't hurt.

Some users mentioned punching through the padding of 16oz C-17 gloves, but this happened during heavy bag training. This is because C-17 padding is softer and less dense than Winning gloves.

While C-17 gloves are versatile, they are particularly good for sparring, offering comfort and protection for both you and your opponent.


When talking about the cost of Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves, they are a great choice. These gloves are priced at around $100, with an additional $30 for customized ones. This cost is almost half of what you would pay for Winning gloves, and you can still get the C-17 gloves.

In simple terms, the C-17 gloves are more budget-friendly, and their performance makes them a great alternative to Winning gloves. Plus, there's a higher chance of finding them on sale.

While Ring to Cage has made high-quality gloves, they don't quite match up to Winning gloves in terms of price, as Winning gloves cost $200, which is still justified.

In conclusion, if you can afford Winning gloves, go for it. But if you want to save money and still get high-quality gloves, Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves are a perfect choice for you.

Durability and Quality

When it comes to the C-17 quality, it's pretty good, though not as good as Winning Gloves. That's expected since C-17 is half the price. It's still the best gear Ring to Cage offers.

The materials, like foams and liner, are almost as good as Winning gloves. But, the leather in C-17 isn't as good. Despite that, Ring to Cage did a good job.

Some might find the leather a bit plain, but it doesn't affect the gloves' performance. Don't worry, though. C-17 is durable and lasts a long time. You'll definitely get your money's worth in terms of quality and durability.


The design of Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves is heavily influenced by Winning gloves in almost every way. They are commonly known as "Japanese-style," meaning they're inspired by Winning gloves. This is actually a good thing, and Ring to Cage made a smart decision by going this route.

A good way to describe the C-17 is as "flattened Winnings" because it has a flatter design compared to Winning gloves. This makes the gloves feel a bit larger due to the increased width.

 However, the flat design offers a better and roomier hand compartment, which most people prefer. Additionally, the soft foam and straight thumb allow users to form ideal fists.

Although C-17 draws significant inspiration from Winning gloves, they can't be considered exact copies or cheap imitations. While there are similarities, Ring to Cage has incorporated other features. For example, they've widened the hand compartment, making it suitable for individuals with larger hands.

Another notable difference is the standard Velcro closure, which, in my opinion, is a better design than Winning's thin and somewhat awkward Velcro strap.

Bottom Line

Simply put, the Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves are really good and it's tough to find any drawbacks. They're comparable to Winning gloves but cost half as much, making them a smart choice with minimal concerns.

However, in terms of quality, Winning gloves are better if you can afford them. If not, I highly suggest the C-17 as a great alternative.

Thanks for reading my Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves Review! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!