Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves Review (Decent Or Not?)

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Hello! Welcome to my Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves Review!

In today's time, there are tons of combat sports apparel, gear, and equipment manufacturers. Each brand has its own feature and specialty. One brand that has been in the market for a long time is the Ring To Cage.

For years, Ring to Cage has been attempting to craft excellent gloves that could rival Winning Gloves. Finally, all their hard work has finally paid off with the creation of Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves!

Some people have considered them replicas or clones. However, these are false. In fact, this pair of gloves is one of the most efficient ones in the market, leading to its high demand.

Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves is most commonly referred to as "Japanese Style Gloves". And we will discuss the pros and cons, and many other details that you must know before purchasing them. Without any further ado, let's get started!

Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves Review Quick Summary

Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves Review

Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves

Name: Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves
Brand: Ring to Cage
Rating: 4/5
Recommended? Yes

Summary: Overall, the Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves are excellent. It is even rare to find any of its cons. Apart from that, Ring to Cage really did excellent work in creating a match for Winning's gloves. C-17 has a great overall performance and design, which you can get for half of the price of Winning's gloves. There's nothing that could go wrong with getting a pair of gloves yourself.


The first factor that we will be talking about Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves is comfort. Let me be straightforward and honest right now.

Ring to Cage used padding and materials that resulted in the flawless comfort that the gloves provide. The liner is almost identical to the Winning gloves. Moreover, it is perfect, soft, and manages sweat very well.

The only problem with the comfort of C-17 is the rough tag that Ring to Cage use. The 12oz gloves have the tag outside. While the 16oz gloves have the tag sewn on the roof of the wrist liner which can be very uncomfortable for the user.

When it comes to the padding, it delivers nice work on molding to the user's hands. Moreover, the hand compartment is on the wider side. This means that you can use a lot of hand wraps to have better support.

The thumbs of each glove are also inspired by the Winning gloves. Moreover, the C-17 gloves have straight thumbs that help users make the most ideal fist. Even though the Winning gloves have better thumbs, the C-17 is still good.

Overall, I can really say that the Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves can rival Winning Gloves in terms of comfort. Apart from that, there are not much of gloves available out there that can provide the same comfort that C-17 does.

Performance, Protection, Padding

Ring to Cage C-17 uses layered padding, just like the Winning Gloves, which gives a broken-in feel immediately after getting it from the box. Because of that, you can easily use them right away for training and sparring. In terms of padding, C-17 goes on par with Winning.

However, when it comes to wrist support, C-17 is not anywhere good compared to the Winning Gloves, especially the Velcro's ones. Some users have complained that even though they have not hurt their wrists, they do feel a bit of a shock when they throw punches.

Apart from that, several users have stated that with the 16oz C-17 gloves, they have managed to punch right through the padding. However, note that they did it when training on the heavy bag. This is due to the fact that the C-17 padding is soft and less dense than the Winning gloves.

The Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves are without a doubt, all-purpose gloves. However, they are really best used for sparring. They are very comforting and provide great protection for you and your opponent.


When it comes to the cost of the Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves, I can say that it is the best. You can get the gloves at around $100, and an extra $30 if you have customized ones. Moreover, that price is almost half of the price of Winning gloves, and you can get the C-17 gloves.

With that being said, it is obvious that the C-17 is more affordable and its performance proves that it is the best alternative to Winning gloves. Also, C-17 has a higher chance of having a sale. However, even though that Ring to Cage has created a masterpiece, having high quality, they still don't match Winning gloves in that aspect because its price, $200 is still justified.

So, if you can afford the Winning gloves, then sure you can buy them. But if you prefer to save money and still want to have high-quality gloves, then Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves are the perfect ones for you.

Durability and Quality

As for the quality of C-17, even though it is still considered as great, it doesn't match Winning Gloves. It is of course to be expected since the price is half of Winning gloves. C-17 is still the best quality gear that Ring to Cage offers.

The materials that they use are great. The foams and liner are almost the same as Winning gloves. However, as for the leather, C-17 is nowhere near its rival. Nevertheless, Ring to Cage still did a good job.

The common issue with leather is that some people consider it very flat, simple, and boring. Amidst this, the performance of the gloves is not affected.

But nothing to worry about. The C-17 has excellent durability and can withstand usage for a long time. Rest assured that you will definitely get your money's worth, in terms of quality and durability.


Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves' design is highly inspired by the Winning gloves in almost every way possible. They are most commonly referred to as "Japanese-style, which actually just means "Winning inspired". It is not a bad thing though. In fact, it was a great decision and move from Ring to Cage.

The best description to describe C-17 is "flattened Winnings" because it has a more flat design compared to Winning gloves. It makes the gloves feel a bit bigger because of the width. However, the flat design provides a better and wider hand compartment, which most people prefer. Moreover, its soft foam and straight thumb enable users to make ideal fists.

Overall, although C-17 is greatly inspired by Winning gloves, you can't really say that they are clones or cheap knockoffs. There are similarities but Ring to Cage also applied other factors. One of them is the wider hand compartment which is suitable for people who have bigger hands.

Another one is the standard Velcro's closure which is I think, a better design compared to Winning's thin and out-of-place Velcro's strap.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have them! Honestly, overall, the Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves are excellent, considering their affordable price. Apart from that, it can really go on par with Winning gloves.

When it comes to quality, however, Winning has the upper hand. If you can afford it, then you can surely choose the Winning Gloves. If not, then I highly recommend C-17 as the best alternative!

Thank you so much for reading my Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves Review! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below in the comments section!