6 Best Websites To Watch MMA Fights Online For Free? (2023)

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Where to Watch MMA Fights for Free

Are you looking for websites where you can watch MMA fights online for free? Well, you've come to the right place.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), has become the fastest growing sport in the past decades. More and more fighters are pursuing a career in MMA, as well as fans tuning in to this extremely entertaining sport.

Major MMA promotions like UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship are reaching billions of combined viewership per year. Anticipated MMA Pay-Per-View events even surpass those of Boxing.

Some events are broadcasted on TV and some are not, but Pay-Per-View events are definitely not accessible for anyone as it comes with a price and UFC just recently announced that starting 2023, their PPV price will increase to $79.99 from $74.99.

If you want to watch UFC fights for free, MMA live streams, and replay full UFC fights, here are the best websites to access! 

Websites To Watch MMA Fights Online For Free

Here are the best websites that allow you to access MMA fight videos and even live stream UFC PPVs!

MMA Fights Online For Free

The official UFC YouTube channel post free fight replays, highlights, interviews and tons of other related videos. UFC YouTube has archives of fights even from the very start of their promotion. The great thing too is that you get to watch it on very high quality since it's on YouTube!

MMA Fights Online For Free

ONE Championship, per number of viewership, is the biggest promotion of today. They control MMA in much of the eastern part of the world. Famous fighters like Demetrious Johnson, Eddie Alvarez, and Ben Askren all fought in this promotion.

The best thing about having them is that they have their ONE Super App, which has tons of uses. You can stream all their LIVE events for free, as well as watch replays of past events. They've also got fun minigames in the app!

MMA Fights Online For Free

MMA Core is like a library but for all MMA fights. Its contents are largely submitted, contributed, and maintained by MMA fans, that's why they've got almost every fight across all promotions in their archives.

Not only do they got replays of fights, but they also offer fighter, organization, and event information too. They don't stream fights though, but recent PPV events usually gets uploaded on MMA Core a day after it happens!

UFC Streams

UFC Streams is a website that focuses on live streaming combat sports. They do contain livestream links to UFC, Bellator, and Boxing events, and most of the streams are in high quality.

This website is purely for livestreaming and they do not contain videos of past events. You cannot also replay the event after it has finished. Even so, this website is handy when it comes to watching PPVs if you can't afford it. Just be patient with all the pop-up ads!

MMA Fights Online For Free

Cricfree is a website that hosts livestreams of popular TV channel by providers like SkySports, ESPN, Fox, and BTSport.

BTSport and ESPN both broadcast UFC events so if you want to stream it live, then you can just tune in to specific channel like BTSport 1. You can also watch other sports here. The only downside of this site is that it has many pop-up ads.

Crackstreams Streaming

Crackstreams is another sport streaming website that is popular for hosting live HD UFC fights. They actually have different domains, and is very easy to use because of its simple interface.

Crackstreams updates links to upcoming sports events days prior to the event, so you can easily see what to look out for. NBA, MLB, NFL, Boxing, MMA, this website all contains them.

The website allows you to watch MMA fights for free and doesn't require you to sign up or login to get access to links, so it's really convenient to use!

Bottom Line

These websites helps you watch MMA fights for free without the need for subscriptions or payments. Some of these are legal as they are on YouTube, and the others are somewhat run underground. 

Just be careful or using these websites because they run a lot of ads and pop-ads, as it is their way of making profit. Some of these can contain viruses and malware and your device may get in trouble.  

Also, these underground websites are linked to third-party websites that stream copyrighted content, a digital crime which can incur a huge fine. As much as possible, do try to support the promotions that holds the fights.

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