How To Punch A Speed Bag? (Do It Properly And Look Like A Pro!)

Hello! Welcome to my “How To Punch A Speed Bag” article and guide!

In essence, the main goal of combat sports is to score using strikes on your opponent. Fighters heavily rely on speed, accuracy, and timing for them to successfully win a fight. 

For sure, fighters undergo immense training to improve their skillset. As you may have seen in videos and tutorials, one of the best ways to develop speed, accuracy, and timing is the mastery of punching a piece of equipment called a speed bag.

What is it? Is it beneficial? How to punch a speed bag? Find out the answers here in this complete guide!

What Is A Speed Bag?

When it comes to combat sports training, punching bags are essential. There are different types which depend on the function and what kind of training you want. For example, heavy bags are used by MMA fighters to work on their kicks and knee strikes. Boxers also train on them to develop their punches, as well as their footwork.

Another type of punching bag is the speed bag. What is it? A speed bag is a type of punching bag that is connected to a ceiling with a spring. This is to provide a minimal range of motion.

When you hit a speed bag with enough power, it will come right back at you in a flash. That is why you must time your strikes properly. It may look smaller compared to the other punching bags, but it is more challenging to use than the others.

How Does It Work?

A speed bag is attached to a ceiling or a bracket through a reinforced board. However, if you are setting up your own gym at your house and you want to put a speed bag, you may need to add extra support for reducing the vibrations and to make sure it is safe.

The most important part of a speed bag is the swivel. It attaches the ball to the board or ceiling in a way that when punched, it will move without flying off to somewhere.

The last part is of course, the bag. It is shaped like a pear or a teardrop which allows it to effectively bounce during training. Furthermore, the interior is composed of a rubber bladder which needs to be inflated.

The exterior is a tough fabric, either leather or synthetic with stitched seams. Due to this, the speed bag can withstand a lot of punches from fighters.

Basically, the speed bag requires well-timed punches as well as a rhythm for it to properly work. When you punch it, it will bounce back to you because it is designed to do that. With that, let’s move on to the benefits of using a speed bag.

Benefits Of A Speed Bag

#1 Hand-Eye Coordination

One of the main things you are developing when you are training on the speed bag is your hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, the speed bag is the best equipment for training this coordination.

In fact, other athletes who deal with balls also work on the speed bag. For boxers and fighters, the speed bag can help them punch more accurately while avoiding the opponent’s strikes at the same time.

#2 Accuracy

In relation with the first one, you will also improve your accuracy. With this, your strikes will hit your opponents more often!

A speed bag is specifically designed to up your timing and accuracy. Mastering the speed bag would entail you to anticipate when you should hit it, therefore understanding the timing. This is to make sure that all of your punches will not go to waste.

#3 Cardiovascular Health

The speed bag is also perfect for improving your cardiovascular health. You can set your own pace but you can also speed up that can really challenge you.

Hitting the speed bag long enough will make you sweat. It will make your heart rate will go up, leading to burning up calories. It will also strengthen your heart and lungs and of course, reducing the risks of acquiring cardiovascular diseases.

#4 Speed

The speed bag got its name because it can greatly improve one’s speed! That’s right. You can act faster and punch faster. If you’ve got lazy and slow hands, you’ll never get to hit the speed bag, more so understand the tempo in which you should hit it.

Moreover, the reaction time that you will acquire through speed bag training will be beneficial because you’d get to apply it during actual matches.

#5 Power

I know that most fighter train on their power using other punching bags, like the heavy bag. However, a speed bag can also help them develop power!

As boxing science show, it’s the technique that makes punches more threatening. When you’ve got that pop and speed in your punches, it will make your punch force harder, in comparison to just raw power alone.

#6 Pacing Techniques

With a speed bag, you can greatly improve your endurance. With that, your pacing will also improve.

As boxing matches normally have 8 to 12 rounds, making your body adapt to the pace that you want to set will greatly get you ready for the real action. You will be able to figure out when to deliver explosive punches and combinations and when to hold back.

#7 Shoulder And Arm Strength

A speed bag is also considered as shoulder and arm strength workout. It is because of the position of your arms when striking the speed bag.

Drills on this bag hit the muscle groups present in your arms and shoulders. If you train on a speed bag longer, it will put your shoulder and arms under more strain. Over time, this leads to improved muscle stamina and physique.

#8 Rhythm And Timing

Speed bag workout is all about rhythm and timing. It is not as easy as it looks. Furthermore, it is even more difficult than punching heavy bags!

In order for it to work properly, you must have a rhythm and hit it properly on time. This is to make sure that the bag will bounce back properly to take the next punch from you.

The bag will be moving at a fast speed. So you must act faster and think ahead too. Timing your punches is better than power. Even MMA champion, Conor McGregor and other fighters said so.

What is the use of powerful punches if you can’t land them properly, right? As a beginner, it will be challenging to work on the speed bag. But as you spend time on it, your muscle memory will get the hang of the speed bag and finally, you will get your rhythm.

#9 Keeping Your Guard Up

“The best defense is the best offense”. Have you ever heard of that quote? Combat sports are not always about striking your opponent. You must also learn how to keep your guard up and defend yourself!

In punching bag workouts, the equipment do no strike bag. But in actual matches, your opponents will do! So when working on the speed bag, you need to learn how to keep your guard up.

#10 Endurance

The speed bag will really test your limit. Furthermore, it will only stop when you stop. So basically, you are competing against yourself! With that, a speed bag will greatly improve your endurance the more you use it.

How To Punch A Speed Bag?

#1 Hands Open

This is for the beginners out there. When you are starting out in the speed bag, do not use your fists first or hit using your knuckles. You will easily lose control of the bag.

Being a beginner, using your fists immediately will make it harder for you to find a rhythm. When you do, you can easily hurt yourself! With that, you should hit the bag with your hands open and find your rhythm.

#2 Keep Your Hands Close

When you keep your hands close, it will be easier to find a good and perfect rhythm for you!

One hand will be punching, while the other will be waiting before its turn. If you punch too far, it will simply not work because the bag will be moving too fast for you to catch up.

Always keep your eyes on the bag, focus, and time your punches.

#3 Work On Your Rhythm

Always and always remember that rhythm is very important when working on the speed bag and also during actual fights and matches.

Having a rhythm will put your mind in a state wherein you can feel every movement you and the opponent will make. With that, a speed bag workout will also be developing your mental strength.

The best rhythm for beginners is the right-right-left-left. Basically, you will hit twice using your right fist and then twice with your left fist. Furthermore, on the first hit, use the front part of your fist while on the second one, use the bottom.

Follow this rhythm until you get the hang of it and you can properly work on the speed bag.

#4 Form A Circle

Basically, what I mean by this is to follow a circle when you hit the bag. The trajectory of your punches should be a circle and always make it look the same, especially when you find the best rhythm and pattern.

A speed bag is very different from the other punching bags. This one actually hits back at you! So you need to do it properly and use the right form.

#5 Square Your Stance

The last thing you need to learn is of course your stance. Remember, the position of your feet will determine the position of your body. Furthermore, the body position will determine how you will punch your target correctly!

The mistake the most people do is that they use a boxing stance when working on the speed bag. That is incorrect. What you should do is to square up and get closer.

Basically, you should plant your feet at an equal distance from the speed bag. Furthermore you must stand at arm’s length from the bag.

Bottom Line

There you have it! That is all you need to know how to punch a speed bag. Follow all the steps and tips I have shared t you and you will be excellent at the equipment.

If you still can’t get it right, don’t give up and skip this workout because it is very essential! Believe in yourself and you will be able to do it.

Furthermore, the speed bag is available to everyone. There are different sizes that will fit your preference as well as your age. Also, follow the right way to do it to minimize the chances of you getting hurt.

Thank you so much for reading my “How To Punch A Speed Bag” article and guide! If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!

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  1. I was mesmerized by that last video. I’ve only tried a speed bag once, maybe twice, but I’m fascinated when I watch others do so, so long as they are proficient. I’m probably guilty of not squaring off and also not following through. Is there a bag or two that you recommend? I imagine there are different weights and different setups. I’d like to have a portable one that I can bring with me.

  2. Hi Adrianne, 

    Before reading your article, I did not know that there are different types of punching bags. The ones I know are big long ones. You have discussed the benefits of punching bags for mix martial artists. And you have also described how to punch a bag. I thought it was very clear and easy to understand.

    I have no experience in punching bags. Can you lose weight by punching these bags? Would your arm muscles increase in size if you do it regularly?

    I would think that for a layman, punching bags is a good exercise to relieve stress.

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  3. Hello!
    I learned a lot after reading your article how to punch a speed bag. I didn’t think about the benefits that working with a speed bag can give us. It requires from our side well-synchronized strokes to work properly. 

    It will improve our power, hand-eye coordination, shoulder-arm strength, significant increase in speed, etc. I would like to install one in the garage of my house. 

    Thank you very much!

    • Hello Claudio! Thank you so much for reading my article! And I am so glad that you got to learn something from it! Good luck with your speed bag training!

  4. Oh! I learned so much from this one single post. Thank you for putting all this together in a way that has been so easy to digest. Before reading this, I didn’t even know that our stance should be a Square stance, that the speed bag’s lower area should be positioned between our chin and our mouth area and that we had to wait for it to hit the board three times before we hit it again. Thank you for this post!


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