How To Choose MMA Gloves (Look Out For These!) (2020)

Hello! Welcome to my “How To Choose MMA Gloves?” article!

Whether you are a professional or still a beginner, being a part of the world of MMA requires a good knowledge of choosing the right equipment and gear for yourself.

Although there are a lot of them out there, let’s focus on one important thing, gloves, in this article.

It is very crucial to know how to choose the best one for you, since your gloves will be a part of your training, as well as your fights, right?

It serves as a protection for you as well. There are a couple of brands and types available. However, it is not enough to choose the one that is on the expensive side or maybe the ones that look appealing.

Here is how to choose MMA gloves. Be sure to read the whole article to really learn all about it!

Difference between MMA Gloves and Boxing Gloves

MMA Gloves


Boxing Gloves


To begin with the article, let’s go over the difference between MMA gloves and Boxing gloves. Some people still cannot differentiate the two.

It is actually quite simple. As you can see in the pictures above. MMA gloves are smaller and lighter. Moreover, they expose the fighters fingers and palm which allows for performing grapples and various submission techniques.

Boxing gloves on the other hand (no pun intended), are bigger, robust, and provide covering for the entire hands, including the wrists. Furthermore, they have a thicker padding which gives more protection for your hands.

This is because, your fists are your main and only weapon you have when you box. Unlike in MMA, you have other ways to strike your opponent. You have your 8 limbs, grapples, clinching and even ground work.

Types of MMA Gloves

Now, let’s get through the different types of MMA Gloves available. Knowing them is very essential because each of these types has its own purposes.

So when you choose MMA Gloves, you should know the purpose first. Here are the 4 types of MMA Gloves.

MMA Sparring Gloves

Combat Sports MMA Sparring Grappling Gloves

Combat Sports MMA Sparring Grappling Gloves

Combat Sports Hybrid MMA Sparring Gloves

Combat Sports Hybrid MMA Sparring Gloves

The first one we have are the MMA Sparring Gloves. What makes these distinct from the others is the extra padding present at the outer side of the gloves. Moreover, it is its most obvious feature.

Sparring Gloves are mainly designed to protect you and your opponent. The padding may either be present in each finger or across all of the fingers with a bigger surface. You can see an example of each in the pictures above.

MMA Training/Grappling Gloves

Meister Classic MMA Gloves

Meister Classic MMA Gloves

The MMA Training Gloves are kind of a mix between MMA Sparring Gloves and MMA Bag Gloves. Furthermore, this type is crafted in a way that it can find balance between protection and fingers and thumb mobility.

With that, they are excellent for pad work, punch mitts, grappling, soft bag work etc.

If you are still starting out, I recommend you to get this type and use it in your daily routine. However, once you will be serious about taking MMA as a part of your lifestyle, then I suggest to choose the other types.

Using this type of glove for sparring or heavy bag work may end up with you and/or your partner having injuries. Now, we don’t want that, right?

MMA Bag Gloves

Title MMA Gel Bag Gloves 2

Title MMA Gel Bag Gloves

Title MMA Gel Bag Gloves 1

Title MMA Gel Bag Gloves

Unlike the MMA Sparring Gloves which are designed to protect you and your opponent, the MMA Bag Gloves are meant to provide the best protection for you, regardless of the receiving side, which is of course, the bag.

In other words, it is meant to protect only you from injuries. Moreover, heavy bag workouts are essential in your training routine. It can help you enhance your technique, power and even your footwork.

However, it is one of the most intense workouts you will do that requires protection to your hands and wrists. MMA Bag Gloves can handle the work.

They are often  less flexible than the other types, have denser and firm padding to keep it small and provide better protection at the same time and wider wrist support.

Moreover, some of them have a grip bar located on the inner top part of the palm to achieve a stronger and better fist.

MMA Competition/Cage Gloves

UFC Official Black Fight Gloves

UFC Official Black Fight Gloves

Finally, the last type is the MMA Competition Gloves. Basically, these are made for the real deal. Moreover, they are designed to protect you and your opponent from having cuts. Yet at the same time, they are not made to soften your blows and strikes.

NEVER use this type of glove during your sparring sessions because it can end up badly for either you or your partner.

Take note that the demands and requirements for MMA Competition Gloves may vary from one organization or league to another. So be sure that you meet them first, before purchasing and using one.

But as a thumb rule, competition gloves weigh 4oz-6oz, which will depend on your hand size.

MMA Gloves and Handwraps

I have noticed a lot of fighters who use gloves WITHOUT handwraps, which is really crazy. Comparing the MMA Gloves and Boxing Gloves, the MMA ones already provide less protection right?

Yet, boxers still use handwraps to protect their hands. With that, MMA fighters need handwraps more! In fact, during competitions, you will be required to use them. So if you are uncomfortable with it, you better get used to using them ASAP.

You can also opt to use MMA handwraps which are more elastic and shorter. They are 120″, instead of 180″ which is the length of traditional boxing handwraps.


Another thing that you should consider in how to choose MMA Gloves is of course, the size. In each brand of gloves, they have their own sizing guide.

So be sure to follow it and get the right fit! Below are pictures of the sizing chart of some brands that sell MMA Gloves.

Venum MMA Gloves Sizing Chart

​Venum MMA Gloves Sizing Chart

Everlast MMA Gloves Sizing Chart

Everlast MMA Gloves Sizing Chart

UFC Official MMA Gloves Sizing Chart

UFC Official MMA Gloves Sizing Chart

Materials and Price

Most of the time, MMA Gloves are either made from synthetic leather or genuine leather. Between them, the synthetic one is designed to last longer, however, with the technology we have today, there’s not much of a difference.

Genuine leather feels more comfortable at the expense of the price. Synthetic leather gloves are cheaper and the price range is from $30 to $120.

What I can recommend you is to not always opt for the cheaper ones because they tend to be in low-quality, increasing the risk of you having injuries.

So always aim to get the ones that really fit you and they don’t have to be the most expensive one in the market, you know?

Cleaning your MMA Gloves

Choosing and owning a pair of MMA Gloves won’t be complete if you don’t know how to take care of them and clean them. Moreover, you must do it to make sure that they can last long.

When using these gloves, it is inevitable that you will sweat in them, even if you use handwraps. If you just leave it as it is, then your gloves will absorb bacteria and odor a lot faster.

Unlike boxing gloves, MMA gloves are actually easy to clean.

  • Do not leave your gloves under the heat of the sun because the materials can easily break.
  • Do not put and wash them in a washing machine.
  • Do not leave them inside your gym bag.
  • After using them, leave your gloves in a cool place and let them dry and breath air.
  • Use an anti-bacterial spray in cleaning it.
  • And of course, always use handwraps for better protection and hygiene.

Bottom Line

So that’s all you have to know on how to choose MMA Gloves! It is very important that you buy and use the ones that are really comfortable and meet your preferences.

Moreover, do not forget the important factors that you should consider such as the material, quality and of course, the type of glove.

Also, do not forget to use handwraps! They may be uncomfortable at first, but trust me, they are a great help. So try using them now so that you can get used to them!

Thank you so much for reading my “How To Choose MMA Gloves?” article! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!

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