Expert Boxing Review: Read This First Before You Register!

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Welcome to my Expert Boxing review!

As the COVID-19 pandemic plagued the whole world, people has innovated a new way of living. Due to most operations being stopped or became inconvenient, technology has been utilized. And one of such proposal is to do school classes and traditional working scheme online.

With this, online sports classes has sprouted as well, most especially boxing. I’m not sure how’s that going to work out, but you might also be thinking of taking only online classes in boxing to make these periods more productive.

If you’ve searched online for boxing courses online, then you might have come across with a boxing community called Expert Boxing. It might have triggered your interest and want to more about the online course they’re providing.

If this is your concern, then this is the content you’re looking for! In this review, I will be providing you an analysis of this program. And then help you determine whether it’s worth your time and money or should you keep on looking for online courses.

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What Is Expert Boxing?

EXpert Boxing Review

Expert Boxing is an online training site that teaches members the basics and other things they need to know about boxing. It was founded by Johnny Nguyen in 2008.

Expert Boxing actually started as a blogging site and YouTube channel that’s providing instructional videos on boxing. Before starting the online instructional, Johnny Nguyen has just started boxing four years prior, which makes him essentially a beginner.

In 2008, he decided to take a break from training boxing. He is concerned that he would forget what he had learned. Therefore, he typed them on his computer, so he has something to go back to and review.

It is at this moment that a spark of an idea came to him. He searched online if there are online instructional about boxing, either typed or video, but found that there are only a few.

It is for this reason that he started creating content to help beginners like him to progress in boxing. He received a lot of positive comments and asking for more instructional videos.

It has become progressively popular in the following years. For this reason, it became a movement, and the Expert Boxing community was born. Since then, they have Expert Boxing also became a full-fledged membership site.

How To Become A Member

Expert Boxing offers three types of membership plans: Bronze membership plan, Silver membership plan, and Gold membership plan. In the following, I’ll explain each of the membership plans.

Bronze Membership Plan

This package will cost members $14.95 per month with limited access compared to its more expensive plans.

Some of the features this membership plan includes members-only video library and community forums:

  • Instructional videos
  • Premium boxing tips and details
  • Community forum

Although these are only basics, it is still beneficial nonetheless. It is so because you still have the instructional videos and community forum.

But if you want to learn more and sort of advanced your boxing skills to the next level, then you may check out its more premium membership plans.

Silver Membership Plan

This package will cost members $125 a year with more access to some features of everything that Expert Boxing has to offer for one year.

Some of the features this membership plan includes access to the members-only video library, community forums, and three basic Expert Boxing premium courses:

  • Instructional videos
  • Premium boxing tips and details
  • Community forum
  • Basic boxing in ten days
  • Learn the 30 days fighter’s diet program
  • Advanced training boxing workshop

The community forum, particularly, is a great feature. This is so because you can interact with other beginners or advanced fighters and start a conversation that may benefit you.

Another plus feature of this specific feature is that the platform does not tolerate trolls or online bullying.

Therefore, you can feel safe about asking any questions that you may have without being judged or dismissed as ignorant of the sport.

Gold Membership Plan

This package is for a lifetime and will cost members a one-time payment of $595. Members who avail of this package not only get lifetime access but can take full advantage of everything Expert Boxing has to offer.

Gold members gain complete access to features that include members-only video library, community forums, three basic Expert Boxing premium courses, and three advanced Expert Boxing premium courses:

  • Instructional videos
  • Premium boxing tips and details
  • Community forum
  • Basic boxing in ten days
  • Learn the 30 days fighter’s diet program
  • Advanced training boxing workshop
  • Advanced boxing defense
  • Punching power secrets
  • Dancer’s footwork for fighters

They don’t have free memberships. If you want to access their contents, you need to at least $14.95 a month.

Apparently, you have to pay higher amounts if you won’t fully benefit from their training courses as it was shown. And the upgrade of this membership plan is that it also includes how you can improve your defense.

Another notable feature of this package, though, is the Dancer’s Footwork for Fighter, which has an interesting background. At first, it kind of a reference to a popular by Muhammad Ali in which he said, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

But actually, it’s from Johnny Nguyen’s experience wherein he mentioned that dancing improved his core strength, balance, and leg coordination. In which, he added, that no other training that has done for him.

Not let’s continue to continue to the next section and determine whether you should consider this online training program or save your money and search for nearby boxing classes instead.

Learning Boxing Online: Does It Work?

If you ask me whether paying that amount of money is worth it, well, I think that would really depend on you if you’re satisfied with the program or not.

If you think that it’s helping you improve your boxing skills, and then the membership fee is justifiable, then good for you. I think they may be reasonable if you don’t have access to nearby boxing classes.

However, if you think it’s not practical and it’s just a waste of money, then do not subscribe to their online program.

If I were you, I’d rather take physical boxing classes if there are any near within your area. Also, physical classes enable your instructor to correct your boxing stance or anything to improve your skills.

If you’re serious about getting good in boxing, then Expert Boxing is not recommendable. If you’re doing it for fitness purposes or just a fan of boxing and want to learn the basics, then maybe you could try this online course.

Although they have lengthy features to offer, I still don’t see the practical value, especially that there free instructional videos online. You can also search for online forums or communities on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, maybe, that’s revolving around the topic of boxing.

However, if you’re locked on subscribing to online boxing courses, then continue to the next section for some of the alternatives for the Expert Boxing training course.

Alternative Boxing Courses Online

There are definitely some good courses online. Here are some few examples:

  • Boxing Masterclass - Boxing Foundation
  • Boxing for Fitness: Boxing, Kickboxing, and Self-Defense Basics
  • Boxing Coach Course – the Basics

I’ll explain each of them briefly in this section of the review. But I’d like to make full disclosure first, though before I begin listing them.

The courses that I listed here are available in Udemy, and I am not connected with them in any way or profiting by listing some of the courses available on their website.

Boxing Masterclass – Boxing Foundation

You’d be happy to know that instructor in this boxing course is a professional boxer, more so, a champion! He is a former world boxing champion, Cornelius Carr!

Well, that pretty much says it all. Learn the basics of boxing from a professional boxer. However, unlike Expert Boxing, I believe that it is not a community but rather a basic boxing training program.

If you’re interested, check out this description—Boxing Masterclass.

Boxing Coach Course

This training course teaches you the basics of boxing and how to do it the right way.

Upon learning the basic of boxing, you can also teach what you have learned to others that want to know the sports as well.

If you’re interested and wanted to know more about this online course, then tickle the link as follows—Boxing Coach Course.

Boxing for Fitness: Boxing, Kickboxing, and Self-Defense Basics

Learn the basics of boxing and kickboxing and how you can use them for self-defense. Sounds a great deal, right?

Boxing for Fitness helps beginners learn a sense of what real boxing and self defense is. The lessons they provide ensure that you would get to master the most important skills for the sport.

If you want to more about the course, then click the description as follows—Boxing for Fitness.

Final Thoughts

I hope my Expert Boxing review has provided you sufficient information about the program and helped you determine whether this online course is a good fit for you.

In my opinion, physical boxing classes are more recommendable if you are serious about improving your boxing skills.

Online classes like Expert Boxing and other online instructional videos may be appropriate if you’re only using it for fitness purposes or is a boxing fanatic and just want to learn the basics of the sports.

Okay, so is it worth trying if I wanted to do online courses? I believe it’s subjective and may depend on your experience.

But I wouldn’t use it if I were in your shoes. The reason for such is that I believe it is impractical, especially there are good videos that you can find online for free.

You could try Expert Boxing at your own convenience. Well, I guess that just about it! Thank you for taking the time off and reading my Expert Boxing review!