Everlast Boxing Shoes for Men: Find out which one fits your needs!

Welcome to my review of Everlast boxing shoes for men!

If you're thinking about buying Everlast boxing shoes and wanted to know which pair should you buy, then this content is what might you're looking for.

In this review, I have listed two of the best Everlast boxing shoes for men. And hopefully, at the end of this content, it would help you determine which brand to buy.

I also added a short buyer's guide in the sections of this review to help you in your future purchases.

So without further ado…

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About Everlast

The brand Everlast was established in 1910. And since then, they are providing quality combat fighting gear.

Their gears are outstanding, that they are still among the top brands until today!

One particular sport that we may link them immediately is boxing.

In the past ten decades or so, the Everlast brand was worn by many champions and boxing legends. Some of the notable personalities include Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, and Deontay Wilder.

However, Everlast is not only known in the world of boxing but to other combat sports as well. It includes sports such as MMA, kickboxing, and wrestling.

Their fighting gear is not only praised for its quality but also its affordable price.

I also approved the overall aesthetic of their gears—sleek and simple.

I also reviewed other brands in the past. Here are some of them if you like to read the contents—the Best Boxing Gloves for Training, Best Boxing Gloves on Amazon, and Best Boxing Shoes for Women.

The importance of finding the right boxing shoes

How you effectively initiate your footwork is important in boxing.  

Let's take, for example, how the great and legendary Manny Pacquiao outboxed his opponents.

He doesn't only beat his opponents through quick jabs, but also how he effectively takes them out by footwork.

And one way to carry out effective footwork is through the boxing shoes you're wearing.

However, I believe he doesn't use Everlast shoes but customized Nike shoes.

My point is that having the right pair of shoes could determine your success during training or official competition.

I believe that you can never go wrong with reputable brands such as Nike, Puma, Reebok, Cleto Reyes, or Adidas.

But one particular brand you should consider is Everlast. As mentioned, they have a long history of providing quality combat fighting gear.

In the following section, let's take a look at two of their best brand of boxing shoes in the market.

Everlast Boxing Shoes for Men

Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

This brand of Everlast boxing shoes is probably one of the best you can find. The shoes can be used for both workout sessions and official competitions as well.

You can never go wrong with this pair. It's also perfect for beginners. The shoes offer a lot of safety features and support your balance as you carry out your workouts.

As we all know, footwork is extremely important in boxing. As mentioned above, it could spell the difference between winning and losing.

The Everlast Elite High Top Boxing shoes are constructed with a technology called with Michelin® Technical Sole. It is a combination of microfiber, suede, and open weave mesh.

everlast boxing shoes for men

What it does is it offers maximum flexibility, traction, and support without compromising comfort.

They have excellent interior cushions making your training hours a fulfilling experience.

But rest assured that these pair is not super cushioned that it becomes unbearable to wear. They are just a perfect fit but not too flat—it arches the contour of the wearers fit.

Another positive feature is that it is lightweight that enables better movement as you work on your footwork and speed.

Of course, the obvious advantage of the shoes is its high top ends, which protect you from potential ankle injuries. Such a feature also enhances your balance and prevents you from slipping or falling out of balance.

The only downside, however, is that the paddings are not as durable compared to competing brands like Venum, Title, or Rival.

It may wear out after several months (probably three to six months, I would say) if you intend to use it every day.

But overall, the Everlast Elite High Tops Boxing Shoes is still a great buy that can help you move up your game to the next level.

Elite High Top Boxing Shoes


  • Comfortable to use
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum protection


  • A little pricey
  • It may not be as durable as other competing brands

PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes

If there's a high top boxing shoe, Everlast also offers a quality low top boxing shoes.

Like the previous model, the Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes is also constructed with the same Everlast and Michelin® Technical Sole technology.

As discussed earlier, it is made of quality leathers that it is combined with microfiber and open weave mesh. These features allow better movement as you move across the canvas.

everlast boxing shoes for men

It helps in maintaining your balance and protects yourself as you pursue your training regimen.

Another noteworthy feature is that it is also lightweight and very comfortable to use. Therefore, it enables you to shift smoothly from workouts to official competitions.

Yes, these boxing shoes may also pass competition standards and be used as such.

The apparent difference is their low-end tops. But if you're worried about its protective feature being compromised in any way, then rest assured that this is not the case.

The Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes can still protect you from any potential injuries.

This pair of boxing shoes is more advantageous than its counterpart in terms of more movement and flexibility.

Without the paddings surrounding your top-end ankles, it makes your movement a lot more freely if you will.

But just like its high cut counterpart, it may still have durability issues, which may cause the boxing shoes not to last long under constant use.

The Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes, however, is still a recommendable pair of shoes not only for advanced fighters but beginners as well.

It is a little bit pricey, though. But in buying the perfect pair of boxing shoes, it is important to put quality over the cost.

PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes


  • Excellent protective feature
  • It supports the wearer to maintain balance
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

  • Cons

    • It may not be as durable as competing brands
    • A little pricey

    Buyer's Guide

    There are several things to consider when looking for the perfect pair of boxing shoes that suit your preferences.

    Some of the basic factors to bear in mind are as follows—

    • Quality
    • Comfort
    • Grip
    • Weight
    • Ankle Support

    Now, I will be discussing each of them briefly to help you with your future purchases as well.

    But take note that the following considerations are for boxing shoes in general and not just Everlast.

    Everlast is one of the top brands in the field of boxing for over a hundred years, so you can never go wrong with this brand.


    It is better to stick with reputable and recognizable brands to ensure the quality of the boxing shoes you'll going to wear.

    It includes brands like Everlast, Adidas, Puma, Nike, Cleto Reyes, etc.


    This factor may depend on personal preference. What people may feel or experience on a specific brand may differ from another.

    You can look for extensive reviews on YouTube so you could get an idea of how they feel based on their experience.


    Another important factor to look for is the shoes' ability to hold grip and maintain your balance.

    A pair of boxing shoes with strong grips prevents the likelihood of injury from slippage.


    The weight of the shoes is up to you.

    Its weight would give you specific advantages. For example, a lightweight pair of boxing shoes gives you the advantage of movement and much better footwork.

    On the other hand, a much heavier pair of shoes would offer more protection than a lighter one.

    Which shoes to us depend on your preferences, but you can never really go wrong with either.

    Ankle Support

    Boxing requires a lot of movements. And those movements would depend on how well you initiate your footwork.

    As you move, you would be using your ankles a lot. Thus, injuries may occur if the proper protective gear was not used.

    The purpose of boxing shoes is to protect your ankles and feet as a whole primarily.

    There are three different types of boxing shoes—high-cut, mid-cut, and low-cut. And which one you'll be using depends on the type you're comfortable with.              

    Final thoughts

    I hope my Everlast boxing shoes for men review has provided you sufficient help in determining whether to opt for the said brand.

    In my opinion, every brand has its own flaws, not just Everlast. And I sincerely believe that boxing shoes offered by Everlast are a great buy.

    After all, they are in business since the 1900s, right? And their brand was worn by several legends like Muhammad Ali, Jack Dempsey, and Miguel Cotto, to name few.

    One final advice, though, as I mentioned earlier—put quality over the cost. If you are serious about boxing, then getting the right to shoes is important.

    There are way cheaper brands, and most of them came from unrecognized brands. And the quality and level of safety from these brands may not come close to those offered by reputable brands.

    Well, that's about it!

    I hope my review of two Everlast boxing shoes for men has provided you sufficient information about the brand and helped you in deciding whether to buy them.

    But in my opinion, they are a good pair of boxing shoes that can help you significantly in your training.

    Until next time!


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