What Are The Best Soaps For BJJ And MMA Training (A 2022 Review)

The Best Soap for BJJ and MMA Training

Welcome to my review of the best soaps for BJJ and MMA training! There’s an unwritten rule in the BJJ and MMA world that almost all people respectfully follow, and that is hygiene and etiquette. No one likes rolling or sparring with smelly people, and I guess you do not want to too. While grappling … Read more

The Best Grappling Dummies For BJJ And MMA (A 2022 Review)

The Best Grappling Dummies for BJJ and MMA

Welcome to my review of the best grappling dummies for BJJ and MMA! Do you want to learn basic BJJ and MMA moves but can’t because you do not have a training partner to do it with? Don’t worry, that’s what grappling dummies are for! If you’re looking for the top grappling dummy brands you … Read more

The Best Boxing Gloves For Cardio Kickboxing Classes (2022 Review)

The Best Boxing Gloves for Cardio Kickboxing Class

Welcome to my review of the best boxing gloves for cardio kickboxing class! Have you signed up for a Cardio Kickboxing class? Are you now looking for gloves that you’ll use in your training? If this is so, then you have come to the right place! In this review, I will provide you some of … Read more

The Best Supplements For Combat Sports Athletes? (2022 Review)

The Best Supplements for Combat Sports Athletes

Welcome to my review of the best supplements for combat sports athletes! In combat sports, no matter what discipline you are under, there will always be a challenge to exert force and energy during training or a contest. Boxing requires you to punch fast and strong, Wrestling demands continuous pace of raw strength, and in … Read more

The Best Online BJJ Training Sites (A 2022 Review)

Best Online BJJ Training Sites

Welcome to my review of the best online BJJ training sites! Are you planning to take Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes but can’t, due to the restrictions that are brought up by the pandemic? Well, worry no further! You can still learn the “Gentle Art” of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu even without actually going into a gym, with the … Read more

Which Martial Art Should I Learn First? What Is The Best Base?

Which Martial Art Should I Learn First

Welcome to my review of which martial art you should learn first as a beginner! (Updated for 2022!) Life skills are extremely important, especially for younger people who are yet to embark on their life journey. Martial arts is one of the best disciplines for shaping values such as focus, tolerance, fairness, and humbleness. Martial … Read more

What Are The Best Leg Stretching Machines for Improving Flexibility?

The Best Leg Stretching Machines for Improving Flexibility

Welcome to my review of the best leg stretching machines for improving flexibility! (Updated for 2022!) All sports involve moving the body, most especially the legs. Moreover, combat sports like Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai extensively require constant usage of legs for striking purposes. To keep the leg muscles flexible, strong, healthy, and … Read more

Best Jump Ropes For Boxing – Pick These Out! (Updated For 2022)

Best Jump Ropes For Boxing

Hello! Welcome to my “Best Jump Ropes For Boxing” article! (Updated for 2022!) One of the fundamental skills that any aspiring boxers need to develop is footwork. Good thing is, you won’t be needing a coach for training to have quick feet because you can jumpstart it by simply using gears and equipment. The most … Read more