Girls’ Wrestling Headgear: Discover The Best!

best girls' wrestling headgear

Welcome to my review of the best girls’ wrestling headgear! In recent years, wrestling has quite increased in popularity among women. Thus, more women have been taking up courses, or even trying out at the collegiate level. Another reason is that wrestling offers tremendous fitness benefits. Are you thinking of joining your school’s wrestling team? … Read more

Is MMA More Dangerous Than Boxing? (Shocking Truth!)

Is MMA More Dangerous Than Boxing

Hello! Welcome to my “Is MMA More Dangerous Than Boxing?” article! Boxing, as information provides, has reportedly been documented as far back as 3000BC in Egypt. Meanwhile, the MMA or Mixed Martial Arts that we know of today, has only been formally recognized and invented during the 90’s. Is MMA more dangerous than Boxing? This … Read more

What Are The Best Mouthguards For Fighters? (2022)

Best Mouthguards for MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai

Welcome to my review of the what are the best mouthguards for fighters! If you are a fighter, the importance of mouthguards is pretty much self-explanatory. It helps you to protect yourself and reduce the risk of injuries, particularly in the jaw and oral area that includes your lips, teeth, and mouth in general. As … Read more

Best Websites To Buy Cheap MMA T-Shirts In 2022!

Best Websites to Buy Cheap MMA T-shirts

Welcome to my review of the best websites to buy cheap MMA T-shirts! “Look good, feel good, fight good”, a quote that practically applies to everyone. And what better way to feel good than having cool MMA apparel? Practically, having MMA clothing is one of the initial investments and priorities as you begin your MMA … Read more

What Is The Best Martial Art Discipline For Self-Defense?

What's the Best Martial Art for Self-Defense

Welcome to my “What Is The Best Martial Art Discipline For Self-Defense?” review! Self-defense is the right to use appropriate levels of opposing force or violence to avoid getting hurt or harmed by an attacker. The most common practice to being equipped with proper self-defense, is through training a martial art discipline. If you want … Read more