Can You Do Pushups Every Day? (Here Are The Benefits)

Pushups every day

Can you do pushups every day? Are there more benefits than risks to it? Well, it all depends on your goal. If you want to know the answers, keep reading this article!

Pushups are one of the most popular strength building exercise that mainly focuses on the upper body. It activates your chest, triceps, deltoids, and even your core. Adding pushups into your training regime will help you have improved muscle mass, cardiovascular health, bone health, and posture.

The exercise is simple yet effective, plus you don't even have to use equipment or a gym membership. You can literally do it everywhere. Pushups are overall excellent for you, that is why more and more people start their journey to fitness by doing pushups every day.

For ones who want to build muscle, it is very important to allow the body to heal and recover from your workouts because muscles get broken down and will rebuild itself to become stronger during periods of rest.  If you just perform pushups in proper form so that you can avoid injury and joint pain, there isn't really any more risks to it.

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Benefits Of Doing Pushups Every Day

1.) Improved Muscle Tone and Strength

Pushups are a compound exercise. Meaning, you work off multiple muscles at once. This includes mainly your chest, and then reinforced are the triceps, shoulders, core, and even parts of your back for added stability.

There are different variations of pushups and they vary depending on which muscle is mainly worked. All of them will gradually improve your strength and of course through constant work, you will see changes in your muscle tone. The key is consistency, especially when you do pushups every day.

2.) Improved Joint and Bone Health

Pushups are very useful for enhancing the strength of the muscles that surround the shoulder joints. Strengthening these muscles and tendons are important because they are responsible for stabilizing and making your shoulders free from injury.

To develop enough strength in the muscles, it's crucial to progressively increase the number of pushups. Injuries to muscles and tendons can occur when weak muscles are overloaded. Doing a few pushups every day will surely help!

3.) Improved Posture

The way you execute proper pushup will reinforce your stabilizer muscles in your back and will also help you develop a strong and stable core. By strengthening them, you can tremendously improve your posture.

Bad posture leads to several problems and health issues like back pain as the most common. Also, bad posture is also linked to low energy, muscle fatigue, and impaired breathing. All of these can limit your daily activities.

4.) Improved Cardiovascular Health

Pushups are an effective exercise to raise your heart rate, therefore gives massive benefits to improving your cardiovascular health. Due to pushups using multiple muscles at once, your heart will work harder to supply your body with adequate blood and oxygen.

That is why you'll regularly see pushups every day for endurance training. Doing lots of reps of pushups will get you winded, blood circulation improved, and even feel a huge pump in your upper body.

5.) You Can Burn More Calories

The one lowkey benefit of doing pushups every day is that you will encourage your body to have a faster metabolism. This will assist your body to burn more calories to cater your energy needs since you are working out. 

Also, an increase in heart rate will also aid in calorie and fat burning. But take note that fat burning still depends on your daily diet. Pushups, with the help of an improved daily lifestyle will surely make you see results faster!

Keep increasing your exercise intensity as you get more comfortable with your previous regime. Doing pushups every day will keep your muscle stamina up!

Final Thoughts

Doing pushups every day, especially when done with proper form, can give you a lot of benefits. These will surely improve your daily life and confidence, so you can be more productive in your every day activities.

If you want to see faster results and a balanced proportion to your physique, you shouldn't only be doing pushups every day, but you should also add other exercises that targets other muscles, so to improve your whole body.

Always make sure that you do dynamic warmups so that your muscles and joints will not be in shock, and also do stretch after every work out. This will help you get faster results and recover easily.

That is all, I hope you liked this article, now you know what doing pushups every day will do to your body!