Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA Equipment (2020 Review!)

Welcome to review of the best places to buy cheap MMA equipment!

Are you just starting out mixed martial arts? And you may want to try a few sessions first before you go all out with the training and workouts.

And I guess it would sound practical if you try a few cheap MMA gears and apparels as well.

If this is your concern, then this review of the top MMA online shop is what you’re looking for.

In this content, I will list some of the best places you can go to if you’re looking for an affordable store to buy all your MMA needs.

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The Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA Equipment

Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA equipment


Of course, the number one place to go if you’re searching for less expensive MMA equipment is Amazon.

This online merchant has been around for years and has become a household name.

They offer a wide array of items, not just MMA gears. Everything that you need is here. From house appliances to books or just anything that you can think of—they have it!

There are plenty of items to choose from if quality yet affordable MMA gears are what you’re after. They have shin guards, MMA apparels, compression shorts, gloves, you name it.

More than the potential of saving money, but also the range of comments available in each of the product pages—by reading what others have to say about the gear, it gives you a better idea of whether they’re a good fit for you or not.

Another plus feature of Amazon is that some of the items they sell offer discounts. So be sure to look for this before checking out to get a better deal!

Check out their online store here.

Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA equipment


I believe eBay is the second to Amazon in terms of popular online merchants in the world.

eBay is my go-to online shopping site before Amazon came into the picture. Actually, this platform is once the top online merchant in the mid-90s up to the late 2010s, maybe.

Although they’re falling far behind Amazon, eBay is still one of the best places to buy cheap MMA equipment.

A quick search on their website will give you a wide range of MMA items to choose from.

You can never go wrong with the items they’re selling here. It is the same quality as those being sold in Amazon but you may find that some items are a little cheaper.

And the reason for such is that Amazon is charging more transaction fees than eBay.

Another plus feature on eBay that could boost your savings is its amazing discounts in some of the items available.

One of the downsides, however, is that it may be hard to find specific items on this platform.

Check out their online store here.

Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA equipment

MMA Overload

MMA Overload is an online merchant that specifically caters to your mixed martial arts need. They are currently offering over fifty brands of MMA brands like Venum, Hayabusa, Tapout, Bad Boy, Century, etc.

They offer a wide selection of MMA items such as apparel and MMA gloves. They also offer dietary supplements that are supposed to help athletes in their training.

They also offer protective gear to keep your workouts safe and prevent potential injuries.

They have amazing item discounts. In some instances, some of them even go lower than 50%!

In addition, they offer huge savings on shipping fees as long as you’re residing in the United States and have a purchase order of over $125.

Overall, MMA overload is the best place to go to if what you’re after is a wide selection of quality yet affordable MMA equipment.

Check out their online store here.

Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA equipment


Revgear is actually a manufacturer of combat sports gear, apparel, and equipment that include mixed martial arts, boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, karate, and Jiu-Jitsu.

Aside from manufacturing combat sports’ needs, they also sell it through the internet. Their online store has a huge stock of MMA gear that’s guaranteed where you can find the one you need.

Also, you can never go wrong with the quality of the brands they’re selling because Revgear is one of the most reputable brands in mixed martial arts.

They’re not only selling MMA gears to adults but to kids as well. In addition, they also sell fitness DVDs and training manuals that involves improving your MMA skills.

Overall, they are a great place to go to if you’re looking for MMA gears that are quality yet within your budget.

Check out their online store here.

Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA equipment


Everlast needs no introduction when it comes to combat sports. They’re manufacturing topnotch and quality boxing gloves starting in the early 1900s and have been the most trusted brand ever since.

Although they are particularly known to boxing, they have a broad selection of gears and apparel in other combat sports, also like Muay Thai and mixed martial arts.

The brand name itself should be enough to convince you to buy their products. But you might ask—is it affordable?

Well, you get various discount options if you choose to purchase Everlast gears. It can range from 15% up to 50% depending on the number of items you bought.

On top of that, they also offer a shipping fee discount on all orders.

Check out their online store here.

Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA equipment

Martial Arts Mart

Martial Arts Mart is an online shop for your MMA needs—as you could tell by the punnery in its name.

Anyway, they are in business for over 20 years now and have been one of the most trusted online stores around.

Like other online outlets mentioned in this review, they also have a wide range of MMA gears in their collection.

You name it, and they have it—some of the popular brands that they have in their inventory include Hayabusa, Cleto Reyes, Fairtex, Everlast, Ring to Cage, and my personal favorite brand, Venum.

They also offer discounts on specific brands that could help you save more money.

Check out their online store here.

Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA equipment

MMA Outlet

This online store offers a decent selection of MMA gears and apparel that include fighting shorts, athletic shirts, and gym bags, just to name a few.

You can also buy protective and fighting gear from them that include shin guards, boxing gloves, headgear, punching bags, etc.

They offer MMA needs for men and kids, but it seems that they lack gears and apparels for women.

Their discount and sale on items vary from time-to-time so be sure to be on the lookout. But they also give out shipping discounts for purchase orders over $49 and made within the United States.

Check out their online store here.

Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA equipment

Performance MMA

Performance MMA has a huge stock on MMA apparel, gears, accessories, and equipment from the most recognizable brands that include Venum, Hayabusa, Title, Ring to Cage, Fairtex, etc.

Unlike the previous online store, they have MMA items for both genders and a wide selection for all ages.

But what do they offer big or decent discounts like the ones already discussed in this review? Well, the answer is a big, yes!

They also have a shipping fee discount on orders over $99!

Check out their online store here.

Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA equipment

Forza Sports

All of your MMA needs you can find in Forza Sports’ online portal. Some of the items you’ll find in their stock include MMA gloves, training mitts, shin guards, apparels, headgears, punching bags, etc.

In some instances, they give out hefty discounts that start from 15% that could go up to a whopping 70%.

Check out their online store here.

Best Places to Buy Cheap MMA equipment

The MMA Locker

The MMA Locker is a UK-based online shop that offers a wide array of combat sports gear that can cater to your MMA needs.

Some of the brands you’ll find include Valor, Shock Doctor, Venum, Atama, Glove King, etc.

A plus feature of this online retailer is its amazing customer service. The site claims that they have very knowledgeable customer service that can help you with any queries that you may have.

As for their discount, they offer decent discounts and occasional sales that could help you a lot more money.

Check out their online store here.

Final thoughts

I hope my review has provided you sufficient information in determining the best places to buy cheap MMA equipment.

Apparently, every online shop has its own certain advantages and disadvantages. This is the case with each of the stores listed above.

But whichever online portal you go to, you can never go wrong with any of the sites listed in here if you’re aiming to save more money on MMA gears, apparels, or equipment.

Well, I believe that’s just about it!

Thank you for taking time off and reading my review of the best places to buy cheap MMA equipment.

I hope to see you next time!


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