What Are The Best Percussion Massagers In The Market? (2022 Review)

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Welcome to my Best Percussion Massagers review!

In every workout, whether be you an expert or a beginner, muscle soreness, tightness, and discomfort is a common aftermath. 

You have to embrace the pain because there's almost no way you can get away from them. But hey, researches say it may be an indication of an effective and good workout. One way or the other, you will eventually experience them.

Most often, people resort to taking supplements and pain killers to relieve muscle tension and soreness. Some also put their bodies in extreme cold or heat for muscle recovery, which can be a hassle to set up.

Fortunately, there are other ways you can deal with such discomfort, without the necessity to take medicine or such.

To combat this problem, some may resort to painkillers to relieve muscle tension or such. One way to do so is through a machine they call percussion massagers.

You might have heard of them anywhere and want to, which is the best percussion massager in the market today. One that can really help improve your performance during training days.

If this is your concern, then you have come to the right place. In this review, I will provide you some of the best percussion massagers you can find. In addition, you also get a comparison to determine which machine perfectly suits your needs.

What Is A Percussion Massager?

Percussion massagers or massage guns have increased into popularity these past few years. They are handheld devices with the basic purpose of applying pressure deep into muscle tissues through vibrations or pulses emitted from them.

These pulses are believed to loosen stiff muscles, which may induce relaxation as a result. Such machines are primarily used by gym-goers or athletes to help them reduce any pain or discomfort that they may be experiencing.

Since most of these devices are handheld, you can carry them around the house or in certain places you wish to bring them.

Buyer’s Guide

You may have only encountered this type of device, so you aren't that familiar yet with what to look at. Well, three of the most important thing to consider when choosing a percussion massager are the following:


First and foremost, you have to look for reliability.

Is it sturdy? Is made of the quality of material and not substandard? Would it malfunction after long usage? Aside from the product specification (or what the company claims to be), you can also check customer reviews. 

You can check to get a hint on how the device performs just by looking at their comments or experience with the product.


Almost any percussion machine is noisy. Even the best ones have some level of noise that some may find annoying.

But not every massager is as noisy as the other, and some brands are quiet, so you also have to consider this if you’re sensitive to noise.

Or if you’re using it in public places, then it’s a good idea to select the quietest machine as possible.

Battery life

I’d prefer my percussion device to have a long battery life without the need to bring out the power cord and finding a wall socket.

What Are The Best Percussion Massagers In The Market?

1. Theragun Generation 4 PRO

The Theragun Generation 4 Pro is one of the flagship products by the company Therabody. The company boats cutting-edge wellness technology for optimum recovery.

If you’ve used early versions of Theraguns before, then you can relate how noisy those machines are, which sounded like a jackhammer.

The design may remind you of a hand mixer you normally use in the kitchen, but such design offers convenience in terms of grip and balance.

Another key feature is its two swappable batteries, which enable users to replace them whenever they’re dead and without the need to charge them and wait for several hours to charge.

The power is also worth noting because newbies may find it too strong and discomforting. Although the machine is effective in relieving muscle tension, it is a little expensive compared to its competitors.

The Theragun G4Pro is definitely an improvement to those earlier versions, they have managed the noise by integrating a upgraded quietforce technology. Overall, this is a good buy.

Theragun G4 PRO


  • Sturdy built
  • Can effectively loosen stiffness
  • Multiple attachments


  • Expensive
  • May get defective if left unused for long periods of time

2. Theragun Elite

The Theragun Elite is a more affordable version of the Theragun Pro. It offers the same amazing experience as its counterpart but with fewer features, of course.

This machine is also accessible via Bluetooth, which allows you to monitor the pressure being applied to your muscles.

The power, however, is not as desirable as the Pro version, but I believe that it can still get the work done.

If you think that the $600 price tag of the Theragun Pro is not justifiable, or you’re a little bit tight on your budget, then this machine is the solution to your problem.

Theragun Elite


  • Interactive mobile application.
  • It can effectively relieve muscle tension.


  • It’s a little bit affordable compared to the Pro versions, but still expensive nonetheless.
  • Due to its design, some parts of the body are hard to reach.

3. TimTam Power Massager

TimTam Power Massager is probably one of the most recognizable brands around.

And they are a well-known brand for a good reason. The machine utilizes amplitude, frequency, and torque to help you relieve muscle soreness and induce relaxation.

In addition, the machine is lightweight, compact, and cordless that you can conveniently carry anywhere.

It only weighs an approximate of three pounds that some of you might become doubtful whether it can deliver enough power to support you during your training days.

Yes, the power generates a frequency of 2,500 RPM and amplitude of 1-inch, but you also have to consider its torque, which has the ability to help you soothe those aching muscles.

TimTam Power Massager


  • It has enough power to loosen stiff muscles.
  • It is lightweight and convenient to carry anywhere.
  • The machine is more affordable compared to other brands.
  • Sturdy.


  • Noisy motor.
  • Short battery life.
  • Non-adjustable motor speed.

4. TimTam Power Massager Pro

TimTam Massagers are an excellent product. The TimTam Power Massager Pro is as amazing as the previous TimTam Power Massager with several tweaks if you will.

First and foremost is that for the massager pro, you can adjust its speed, and it is more powerful compared to the previous version.

There are other noticeable benefits like it doesn’t cause a loud noise.

You can’t go wrong with both of the TimTam Massagers. But you can consider an upgrade if you’re finding that the original version is too noisy or you want more power to relieve any muscle discomfort.

TimTam Power Massager Pro


  • Quiet
  • Adjustable heating feature
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry anywhere
  • Sturdy built


  • Expensive

5. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

If you’re looking for a quality and decent-priced percussion massager, then the Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager is what you might be looking for.

The machine has four massage heads to effectively loosen any stiff muscles that you may have and help you relax.

This feature is one of the advantages of Wahl Deep over other massager brands. Each head is designed for a specific task, which you customize based on your personal preferences as well.

It also has an ergonomic design and long power cord to enable you to use the machine comfortably an in any position you would like.

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager


  • The design of the Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager is well-balanced, which allows you to prevent struggles.
  • Effective massage heads


  • It produces a strong vibration, which may be uncomfortable for others.
  • It can become noisy if you don’t hold it in a certain position.

6. Theragun Mini

As the name implies, it is small and portable.

Due to its design, the machine can only produce 1,750, 2,100, 2,400 PPM, which is not as strong as other Theragun machines.

This may be the case, it is impressive, nonetheless. For one apparent reason is its portability, which you can carry anywhere you like, at work or vacations.

Due to its size and power output, the Theragun Mini can be effective at targeting softer and more tender muscles in the body.

Theragun Mini


  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Small but can deliver enough power to suit your need.


  • It is apparently not as effective as regular percussion massagers because the machine can’t go as deep as they could.

7. Hyperice Hypervolt

High quality and affordability don’t always seem to co-exist, right? Well, that is not the case with Hyperice Hypervolt.

The machine is less expensive comparing other brands, but rest assured that quality is not compromised, and it’s still topnotch as far as I’m concerned.

It offers three types of speed and corresponding power. It includes 30Hz for 1,800 PPM, 40Hz for 2,400 PPM, and 53Hz for 3,180 PPM.

The quietness of the Hypervolt is also noteworthy because you can enjoy the pleasantries of sitting in front of your television without the annoying sound of the massager.

Hyperice Hypervolt


  • It has three different types of speed-power settings.
  • Less Expensive but high quality
  • Quiet


  • You can’t adjust the massage arm.

Final Thoughts

I hope my review of the top percussion massagers has provided you enough information you need in selecting which machine is well-suited to your needs.

Definitely, percussion massagers are a must-have, especially when you regular gyms. It is an investment that will truly pay off in the future.

But choosing which brand to use is also something to be considered. Be sure to take into consideration the product information and guidelines I have relayed in this review to be able to choose only the best ones.

Thank you for taking the time off and reading my review!