Best MMA Fighting Shorts (Look For These!) (2020)

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When it comes to MMA gear and equipment, you are not just limited to speed bags, gloves, heavy bags, jumping ropes, etc. Some people fail to recognize that shorts are  an important piece of equipment and clothing!

In this article, I will tell you why they are important, and of course, the best MMA fighting shorts!

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Important of MMA Shorts

Some of you may wonder why there is a need to use MMA shorts, rather than just for clothing yourself.

Moreover, why does it have to be specific? Why can’t we use normal shorts? Well, it all starts in the purpose of these shorts and how they were designed.

MMA shorts are less restrictive than the normal ones we have today, making you more comfortable in performing different moves and techniques.

Furthermore, they are designed to receive more damage. Here are more benefits of using MMA shorts!

Can provide mobility and flexbility

In MMA training and matches, being flexible and mobile are one of the important factors you must possess in order to win.

Apart from your training, having great MMA shorts can allow you to be fully flexible and mobile.

That is why most MMA shorts have a slit on each side to enable different range of motion, which include kicks and knee strikes.

MMA shorts will not restrict you in any way, making you perform your moves and techniques properly.

They are comfortable

MMA shorts provide excellent comfort!

Moreover, they have no heavy pockets like other shorts, which is an additional safety measure! There are no snags whenever you will grapple or kick.

Classic or Compression MMA shorts?

A common and frequently asked question regarding MMA shorts is which one to use between Classic and Compression.

To be honest, both of them are excellent. It entirely depends on the fighter’s preferences.

Classic MMA shorts

Engage Lion v2 MMA Shorts

If you are more of a Muay Thai or Kickboxing style fighter, then I recommend the classic ones.

They provide a full range of motion and at the same time, give more ventilation compared to the compression shorts.

Moreover, they can give you a “normal look” and can cover more of your body. So if you don’t want to use compression shorts or even wear a cup, then the classic ones are perfect for you.

  • Provides full range of motion

  • Has excellent ventilation and comfort

  • The drawstring can provide a tight or loose fit.

  • Perfect for different activities

Compression MMA shorts

Meister MMA Compression Shorts

If you love feeling like you are “naked”, then the compression shorts are perfect.

They can provide an ultra light feeling. Fighters like Conor McGregor prefer these kinds because of this reason.

Moreover, if you are more of a grappling and BJJ style fighter, then compression shorts are an excellent choice.

  • Very comfortable and lightweight

  • It can help in muscle recovery through retaining heat

  • Non-restrictive material

  • Perfect for BJJ and grappling

Muay Thai shorts

Muay Thai shorts

Apart from classic and compression shorts, another option are Muay Thai shorts.

However, I highly do not recommend it if you are training MMA because they are much smaller, which is not good for grappling.

Best MMA Fighting Shorts

Engage Lion v2 MMA Shorts

The Engage Lion v2 MMA shorts are redesigned, improved and new! Moreover, they are made from the strongest and lightweight fabric available in the industry.

These shorts can move seamlessly. With that, you are guaranteed to have an edge over your opponent, whether you are in the ring, training or cage! You’ll be glad to know that these shorts are devised for emerging fighters.

It has a high reinforced leg split and high-flex breathable lower crotch profile that will allow you to possess a freedom of motion! With these shorts, you can be more accurate, faster and sharper!

Furthermore, the Quick Release Velcro Closure Tab, No-Slip Grip and Silicone Lock Drawstring provide excellent hold.

Clinch Pro Series MMA Shorts

The brand, Clinch is a notable one in the MMA scene. With that, they have updated their products to fit in the modern way of things today!

The Clinch Pro Series MMA Shorts have a high-tech 360-degree stretchability, making it perfect for striking and grappling.

Another feature these shorts have is the moisture wicking technology that can keep you cool even after hours of working and training hard!

They are soft and very durable, which makes it nice for crossfit, MMA and Jiu-Jitsu. Moreover, it features a custom-made suede microfiber fabric. Meaning, when you wear them, it will almost feel like you are not wearing anything at all!

Anthem Athletics Infinity Shorts

Compared to the shorts on this list, the Anthem Athletic Infinity MMA shorts have an excellent value!

One reason why most people love these shorts are the high side-slits. With these, you will have a full range of motion for your kicks!

Furthermore, they include a stretch-elastic waistband that has a drawstring to have comfort and your preferred fit.

The logos on the side of the shorts will not even crack or peel no matter how many times you will wash it! 

Bad Boy Legacy Evolve MMA Shorts

The Bad Boy Legacy Evolve MMA Shorts feature a very comfortable waistband that will not bunch or cluster. Moreover, rest assured that they will stay secure for a long time because they fit comfortably and securely.

They can assist you with retaining heat in your muscles and they are made from Vastk charcoaled bamboo fibers.

This can help in enhancing your intramuscular vascular blood flow, which means that your muscle can stay agile and elastic for a very long time and can lessen the effects of lactic acid.

As for the flexibility, it is excellent, thanks to the patented 4D stretch material that it possesses.

Apart from that, it features an enclosed pocket for your mouth guard! Also, its closure system is redesigned to achieve maximum comfort and safety and the side seams are reinforced.

Hayabusa MMA Shorts

Hayabusa was mainly designed for providing kickboxing products. However, it found success in MMA, Boxing and other combat sports, leading it to expand its product catalog.

The Hayabusa MMA Shorts are excellent because it is ultralight! Due to this, they offer a relaxed fit, perfect for long training sessions.

The shorts are available in 10 different color designs. Moreover, it has a mid-thigh slit, giving you extra range of motion.

Hayabusa Chikara Shorts

Another MMA shorts from Hayabusa are the Chikara Shorts. They come with an advanced tie system, as well as a webbed backing that can provide a comfortable optimal size for each fighter.

Moreover, they are designed with Hayabusa's patented Mechanical PolyDirectional stretch fabric. And the stitching used is T3 reinforced! Meaning, it is impossible for it to tear or rip.

The Hayabusa Chikara Shorts have designs that are sublimated dyed in to the fabric, making it look good as new even after years of using them! Overall, they are durable and very comfortable!

Diamond MMA Athletic Shorts

When it comes to compression shorts, the Diamond MMA Athletic Shorts are the favorite of many people. They are perfect for MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ and even for working out in the gym!

It has a drawstring, allowing a great custom fit for the fighters. Furthermore, they are super lightweight!

The spandex used in these shorts are excellent. They are crafted with wonderful designs, as well as comfort, making these shorts very nice to wear. And of course, the protective cup of these shorts  can perfectly fit in the 4-strap jock system.

RVCA Grappler Shorts

The RVCA Grappler Shorts are made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex. They are actually perfect to be your first MMA shorts!

It has an inner elastic pocket at the bottom which is perfect for your mouth guard. Moreover, they are made from ultra-durable fabric, making it as an excellent choice for MMA fights or training.

The RVCA Grappler Shorts feature a 4-way stretch fabric, increasing its elasticity and providing excellent movement. They are very comfortable and the material used in creating these shorts give you moisture wicking abilities and breathability.

It has the RVCA  patented waist-tightening system and a Velcro fly, allowing you to fasten them and have a comfortable and secure fit!

Meister MMA Compression Shorts

The Meister MMA Compression Shorts are so versatile that they can be used in any combat sports! Morever, you can get them at a very affordable price! So feel free to purchase a couple of these shorts!

Apart from that, they are durable even though they are cheap. Made from premium stretch material, they are double stitched, giving durability!

And yes, the inner pocket is designed to fit any cup you have, protect you from any extra damage.

Venum Technical 2 MMA Shorts

These shorts from Venum, are a short-cut hybrid style perfect for serious fighters who are into grappling!

The Venum Technical 2 MMA Shorts are very comfortable to wear. We have its side-slits and microfiber material to thank for because they provide and allow you to have uninhibited movement in any situations!

Moreover, it features an elasticated waistband with a velcro closure and drawstring to maximize security.

Looking at it, the shorts look so wonderful. However, they look even better on the mat! It has a slim profile and a hybrid traditional board shorts and  vale tudo shorts, which looks very modern and sleek!

Bottom Line

Well there you have them! The best MMA fighting shorts for this year! So whenever you are looking for one, you better have these on your list!

I suggest that you pick the ones that you really feel comfortable in. After all, in the end, it will always depend on your preferences.

Thank you so much for reading my "Best MMA Fighting Shorts" article! If you have any comments or questions, leave them below in the comment section!

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