2024’s Best MMA Fighting Shorts (Look Out For These)!

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Hello! Welcome to my "Best MMA Fighting Shorts" article!

Feeling good leads to playing good – a saying often heard in sports. In combat sports, like MMA, the right gear, particularly shorts, is crucial for performance.

Shorts are often overlooked as essential gear. But depending on your discipline, the right pair can greatly enhance your performance.

In this article, I'll explain why they matter and highlight some of the best MMA fighting shorts. So read on, and share your thoughts in the comments!

Importance of MMA Shorts

You might be thinking, why bother with MMA shorts instead of regular ones? And why do they have to be so special? Well, it's all about what they're made for and how they help.

MMA shorts are designed to give you more freedom of movement compared to regular shorts, so you can do all sorts of moves comfortably. Plus, they're built to take a beating. There are even more advantages to using MMA shorts!

Provides Mobility and Flexibility

In MMA training and fights, it's crucial to be able to move easily and be flexible if you want to win. Good MMA shorts help with this by allowing you to move freely.

They usually have slits on the sides so you can kick and strike with your knees comfortably. These shorts won't hold you back, so you can do your moves and techniques right.

They Are Comfortable

MMA shorts provide excellent comfort! Moreover, they have no heavy pockets like other shorts, which is an additional safety measure! There are no snags whenever you will grapple or kick.

The Different Types of MMA Shorts

A lot of people often wonder about MMA shorts and whether Classic or Compression ones are better. Honestly, both are great—it just comes down to what the fighter likes.

Classic MMA Shorts

If you prefer Muay Thai or Kickboxing, go for the classic shorts. They let you move freely, keep you cool, and cover more of your body.

They're a good option if you don't like compression shorts or don't want to wear a cup.

Compression MMA shorts

If you enjoy feeling really light and free, compression shorts are just right for you. Fighters like Conor McGregor like them because they give that naked feeling.

And if you're into grappling and BJJ, they're great because they don't hold you back. Plus, they're thought to help muscles recover faster.

Muay Thai Shorts

Besides classic and compression shorts, you can also consider Muay Thai shorts. These shorts are mainly meant for striking practice, as the name suggests.

They offer great flexibility for kicking movements. However, I wouldn't advise using them for MMA training since they're smaller and not ideal for grappling.

The Best MMA Fighting Shorts In 2022

1. Sanabul Essential Training Workout Shorts

The Sanabul Essential Training Workout shorts are currently leading the pack as the top choice for men's fight shorts on Amazon. Priced at just $19.99, they're not only the most budget-friendly option but also boast features that rival or even surpass more expensive competitors.

These shorts are designed with reinforced stitching and seam protection, ensuring they won't fall apart and offering long-lasting durability. The fabric is also sweat-resistant, helping you stay drier and cleaner during your workouts.

What sets these shorts apart is their slim fit design. With open seams and four-way stretching, they provide a greater range of motion and are ideal for striking and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) as the slim fabric reduces the risk of getting caught in limbs.

Additionally, they feature a secure hook and loop closure system to keep them firmly in place on your waist, even during extended training sessions. Their simple yet eye-catching design adds to their appeal. Don't miss out on getting yours today!

Best MMA Fighting Shorts

Sanabul Essential Training Workout Shorts

  • Very cheap
  • Slim-fit and baggy but allows maximum free movement
  • Reinforced stitching for ultra durability
  • Applicable for both striking and BJJ

The Anthem Athletic Infinity MMA shorts rank second on this list because they offer great quality and look good too! They're made of a tough yet lightweight fabric that lasts long, with tear-resistant microfibers.

These shorts are really popular because of their high side-slits, which give you freedom to move when you're kicking. They also have a stretchy waistband with a drawstring for a comfy fit.

The logos on the sides won't crack or peel even after washing. While they might not be the best for grappling, they're ideal for striking.

Best MMA Fighting Shorts

Anthem Athletics Infinity Shorts

  • Affordable
  • Machine Washable
  • Excellent high grade material
  • Best for striking/MMA
  • Multiple color choices

Hayabusa was mainly designed for providing kickboxing products. However, it found success in MMA, Boxing and other combat sports, leading it to expand its product catalog.

The Hayabusa Arrow Shorts are excellent because it feels ultra light and unrestrictive. The shorts' offer a relaxed fit and is also built by an abrasion-resistant fabric that is incredibly soft and comfortable, perfect for long training sessions.

Moreover, it has a mid-thigh slit, giving you extra range of motion. It has an elastic waistband and silicone drawstrings to ensure that it will keep fit on your waist. Lastly, the shorts are available in 10 different color designs. Overall, this is a really good product!

Best MMA Fighting Shorts

Hayabusa Arrow Shorts

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Machine Washable
  • Abrasion-resistance fabric
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Multiple color choices

4. Meister MMA Compression Shorts

Hayabusa originally focused on kickboxing gear but ended up succeeding in various combat sports like MMA and boxing too. This led them to expand their range of products.

The Hayabusa Arrow Shorts stand out because they're super lightweight and don't restrict movement. They're designed with a relaxed fit and made of a soft and comfy fabric that's tough against wear and tear, perfect for long training sessions.

Plus, they have a slit on the mid-thigh for added flexibility, an elastic waistband, and silicone drawstrings to keep them snug. And they come in 10 different colors. All in all, they're a really great product!

Best MMA Fighting Shorts

Meister MMA Compression Shorts

  • 4-way stretch spandex
  • Anti-odor fabric
  • Will fit any cup regardless of size
  • Compression shorts for maintaining muscle temperature

5. Venum Light 3.0 Fightshorts

Of course, we can't talk about the best MMA shorts without mentioning Venum. They make top-quality gear that fighters everywhere love.

The Venum Light 3.0 shorts are great for fighting. They're long but they don't stop you moving because of the special material on the sides. They're light and stop sweat, so you can train harder.

They're really comfy, thanks to the slits on the sides and the special fabric. They help keep you dry.

Plus, they have a stretchy waistband with velcro and a drawstring to keep them secure. They look good, too, both on and off the mat!

Best MMA Fighting Shorts

Venum Light 3.0 Fightshorts

  • Long-cut
  • Neoprene inserts allowing maximum mobility
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Small side pockets
  • Thermal insulation

Bottom Line

Here are the top MMA fighting shorts of the year! Make sure to consider these when you're shopping for a pair.

Choose the ones that feel best for you—it's all about what you like. Thanks for reading my article on the best MMA fighting shorts! Feel free to drop any comments or questions below!