Best Jump Ropes For Boxing (Pick These Out!) (Updated for 2021)

Hello! Welcome to my "Best Jump Ropes For Boxing" article! (Updated for 2021!)

When it comes to training for boxing, you don't just need a coach who can teach you certain skills and techniques.

Gear and equipment are also essential things.

One piece of equipment that's often overlooked by boxers is a jump rope!

Whether you are a beginner or a well-seasoned professional, as long as you are looking for boxing jump ropes, this article is for you! I will be showing you the best jump ropes for boxing in 2021.

Afterwards, be sure to look for these and improve your overall performance! With that being said, let's get started.

Benefits of jump ropes

Although some people skip using jump ropes and some of them only see it as a mere children's game, the tool actually has a lot of benefits for boxers!

Including jump ropes into your workout routine can greatly enhance your endurance and stamina. When you jump rope, usually, you will be experiencing it under a fast pace.

When this happens, you are preparing your cardiovascular system for whatever you will be experiencing inside the ring during your matches.

Remember, most boxing matches have 12 rounds, 3 minutes each. You must be able to have the ability and energy to go through those rounds, and at the same time, take punches from your opponent!

Another important thing that boxers need to improve is their footwork and coordination. Moreover, the best boxers are great at using their hands and feet in unison. Jumping rope has a repetitive motion that can help you enhance these.

Furthermore, your footwork will be improved since your feet will be moving quickly. When you do jump rope, you must learn how to always stay on the balls of your feet.

Soon, you will feel that your technique, agility, speed and even your balance have all greatly improved. 

How to pick a good jump rope

Before we move to the best jump ropes for boxing, let's discuss the factors that are important to consider when you are picking jump ropes in 2021. Here they are:

#1 Rope material

The main thing you must look for in a jump rope is durability. But you must be careful because most of the time, it is traded off with weight.

For beginners, you must look for jump ropes made of PVC plastic or licorice. These kind are lightweight and very flexible. Moreover, most boxers prefer these types of jump ropes because they are often cheap and can easily get the job done.

#2 Handle

The next important thing you must consider is of course, the handle. I suggest to not choose the heavier ones since they can slow you down. So, look for the lightweight handles.

Moreover, handles can easily tear and wear. With that, I suggest to look for aluminum and shatterproof handles for durability.

As for the length of the handle, usually the medium ones are excellent for most of the people's needs. However, if you are aiming to improve your speed, then you should go for the short ones.

#3 Length

Last but not the least, the length of the jump rope. This is very important. You do not want to get a jump rope that is too long since it can get tangled on the ground, making you slow down. When it is too short, it will be more difficult for you to jump over it!

For beginners, you want to pick the one that is a bit longer, that will swing between 16 to 30 inches above your head. This will drag on the floor, which will not improve your speed. However, it will be good for practicing your rhythm.

If you are into regular fitness, you should look for jump ropes that will swing 6 to 10 inches above your head because this is good for increasing your speed, as welll as practicing your rhythm.

Let me give you an advice or secret to picking the best length of your jump rope. It all depends on your height! Here is a table.

Height of Person

Rope Length

Under 4' (1.22 meters)

6 ft (1.83 meters)

4' to 4'9'' (1.22-1.45)

7 ft (2.13)

4'10'' to 5'3'' (1.47-1.60)

8 ft (2.44)

5'4'' to 5'10'' (1.62-1.78)

9 ft (2.74)

5'11'' to 6'5'' (1.8-1.96)

10 ft (3.05)

6'6'' and above

11 ft (3.35)

Best jump ropes for boxing

321 Strong Aluminum Fitness Jump Rope

Let's start the list with a jump rope from 321 Strong. This one has aluminum padded handles, making it as one of the best exercise products on the market.

Moreover, it has an adjustable length which is very advantageous to everyone! The maximum length of this jump rope is 11 feet.

Another feature it possesses is its enhanced ball bearing technology which can give its user a fuller and faster jump in every swing. Plus, it is lightweight! Also, it is excellent for double unders.

As of the first week of 2021, this jump rope has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon.

That said, I do not recommend this for beginners because its quite light and might be too fast for some.

Cayman Fitness Speed Jump Rope

Some people prefer using jump ropes with cushion grips. If you are one of them, then the Cayman Fitness Speed Jump Rope is perfect for you!

It is made from a premium plastic material and this jump rope really feels good in your hands even if you are performing extended duration of workouts!

It features an adjustable length which is good for everyone. However, if you are 6'4'', I do not recommend this for you because of the length restriction.

Also, this jump rope is designed for WOD workouts, MMA, boxing, speed jumping and many more.

Elite Surge Jump Rope

The Elite Surge Jump Rope is made from the highest quality materials! This is perfect for Crossfit double unders. In fact, in the 2015 National and World Championships of Jump Rope, this was the one that was used.

It has aluminum easy-grip handles. Moreover, it possesses a ball bearing design that enables the user to perform faster jumps. The Elite Surge Jump Rope is actually classified as one of the fastest jump ropes we have on the market today.

As of the first week of 2021, this jump rope has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon.

Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 High-Speed Jump Rope

If you aim to jump as fast as possible, then this Sonic Boom jump rope is the one for you! It features a 360-degree ball-bearing system, making the jump rope swing and rotate at an amazing speed!

Moreover, it is almost frictionless. Meaning, it can minimize wear and tear and at the same time, making it very durable.

As for the handle, it is made from stainless steel, covered in grippy silicone. With this, you can easily use the jump rope without them slipping out from your hands.

As of the first week of 2021, this jump rope has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon (based on 2,471 reviews).

Keweis Digital Cordless Jump Rope

Jumping and keeping count can stir up confusion and exhaustion when you're working out.

But you don't have to experience this again with a digital jump rope on hand. It is equipped with a LED screen and an internal counter that will keep track of your jumps.

Aside from jumps, it also records time and and calories, similar to how a Fitbit functions. All you need to do is to set the rope to a beep in accordance to a desired span of time or once you've reached a target of jumps.

Furthermore, the rope lets you enjoy it with a traditional cord or without.

King Athletic Jump Rope

As of the first week of 2021, this jump rope has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon (based on 905 reviews).

SUPETE Jump Rope

This well-designed, durable jump rope allows you to work out and get in shape for boxing in a convenient and affordable way, being only at $5.

It measures up to 9.8 feet which you can adjust to your preferred length or wrap the excess into the handles and is made with a durable PVC material.

The rope was made with a robust structure, complimented with strong handles with smooth material for a comfortable grip, without grazing your hands.

One reviewer wrote that this rope's performance is good and that it feels nice that the handles are comfortable and are easy to maintain a secure grip during movement.

That said, as of the first week of 2021, this jump rope has just 2 reviews on Amazon - one positive and one, well, not so much - something about how "the handles keep coming apart".

Survival and Cross Jump Rope

This one is a very popular jump rope in the market. The Survival and Cross Jump Rope is amazingly lightweight and highly compact.

Moreover, it has a customizable length that can easily be adjusted through the two quick-sliding screws. You simply set the handles at the length that you prefer and then cut away the excess cable. And it is tangle-free!

Furthermore, it comes with a downloadable exercise manual that is very helpful and useful. One last thing, its handles are very easy to grip, which can withstand hours of working out!

It is considered as one of the best jump ropes today which offers a various features at a very reasonable price!

As of the first week of 2021, this jump rope has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon (based on 11,064 reviews).

TKO Soft-Grip Jump Rope

The TKO Soft-Grip Jump Rope is lightweight and very portable, making it an excellent tool for quick trips to the gym. It is made from a durable PVC rope.

Its handles are shatterproof and strong, making it last for years, as long as it is handled with proper care, of course.

This jump rope is 274 cm long, making it ideal for the average athlete. In fact, Floyd Mayweather used its predecessor, the TKO Lightweight Jump Rope, before.

As of the first week of 2021, this jump rope has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon (based on 25 reviews).

WODFitters Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope

The WODFitters Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope is designed for athletes with a ball-bearing tech and system for faster jumps. It has the classic red or black color, making it look nice.

This jump rope is so portable and has ergonomic handles! So you won't have to worry about hand cramps anymore!

It is durable, lightweight and has an adjustable length. However, it is not recommended for athletes who are over 6'4'' because its maximum length is only 10 feet. Moreover, it is not ideal for concrete since the plastic coating can easily wear out.

As of the first week of 2021, this jump rope has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon (based on 407 reviews).

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it - the top 10 best jump ropes for boxing. In this sport, MMA and other combat sports, it's not just about heavy bags, speed bags, gloves, sparring sessions and many more. Jump ropes are an essential thing to be part of your workout routine.

Never skip them and learn how to use it! It is very beneficial for you and your body. Moreover, it can greatly enhance your overall performance. Never underestimate this simple tool.

Thank you so much for reading my "Best Jump Ropes For Boxing" article! I hope that it helped you in looking for your perfect jump rope!

If you have any questions or comments, let me know below in the comment section!

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