The Best Gym Backpacks For Boxing Training (2024 Selections!)

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Hey there! Are you having a tough time finding the perfect backpack for your boxing gear? Don't worry anymore!

Anyone who trains in boxing regularly knows how annoying it is to pack up all their stuff, especially if their gym doesn't have locker rooms. It's even worse if you don't have the right bag for it. Gloves alone take up a lot of space, not to mention your clothes and shoes.

If you want to make your life easier, it's time to find the right backpack. In this article, I'll list some of the best gym backpacks for boxing training that you can find right now.

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Best Gym Backpacks For Boxing Training

Most folks pick either backpacks or duffel bags. Duffel bag fans often gripe about muscle imbalances or backaches since one shoulder bears the load a lot.

If you want to sidestep those problems, go for backpacks! Here are some top gym backpacks for boxing training.

1. Everlast Contender Sports Backpack

When you hear about Everlast, you immediately think of boxing. They're experts in boxing gear and have a reputation for top-quality products. This Everlast Contender Sports Backpack shows just how good their stuff is.

It's a tough and roomy backpack, perfect for carrying all your boxing gear. What's neat is it has a special spot outside for your boxing gloves, so they can air out after a sweaty session.

The main part of the bag can expand, and there's a padded sleeve inside for your laptop or whatever else you need to keep safe. Plus, there's a separate pocket for your water bottle, and plenty of little zip pockets for your bits and bobs.

There's also a mesh section where you can stash your sweaty clothes after a workout, and the shoulder straps are nicely padded for extra comfort. Overall, it's a great buy if you need a good backpack.

Best Gym Backpacks For Boxing Training

Everlast Contender Sports Backpack

  • Special glove compartment/slot 
  • Expanding main compartment
  • Has special padded laptop sleeve included
  • Spacious and has many zip pockets

2. Elite Sports Athletic Expandable Backpack

If you're a boxer who hauls a bunch of stuff around during training, the Elite Sports athletic expandable backpack is perfect for you. It's light, roomy, and can fit all your gear. Plus, it can switch to a duffel bag if that's easier for you!

This tough bag is made of polyester with heavy-duty PVC coating, so it stays sturdy. My favorite part is the mesh lining—it keeps things cool and breathable. And there's a handy cooler pocket for drinks.

With its full zip down design, organizing your stuff is a breeze. It's a convenient backpack that holds all your boxing gear.

Best Gym Backpacks For Boxing Training

Elite Sports Athletic Expandable Backpack

  • Large side zipper pockets
  • Expandable feature for added storage
  • Huge mesh for maximum ventilation
  • Duffel bag convertable

3. Venum Challenger Xtrem Evo Backpack

This Venum Challenger Xtrem Evo backpack is seriously stylish and stands out among others on the list. It gives you a confident vibe when you carry it, and it comes in different colors too.

It's made to fit all your stuff in one go, and it's comfy with its padded back panel. Plus, you can adjust the straps to your liking.

With ventilation holes to keep things fresh, and plenty of pockets for your bits and bobs, it's super practical too.

And don't forget the handy side pockets for your bottles. If you're after a backpack that's both good-looking and useful, this one's the way to go!

Best Gym Backpacks For Boxing Training

Venum Challenger Xtrem Evo Backpack

  • Large main component
  • Cool aesthetic design and multiple colorways
  • Foam padded straps and backside
  • Extendable buckle and zipper system

4. Hayabusa Ryoko Backpack

Hayabusa products are known for their innovation, strength, and durability. When you buy from this brand, you can count on excellent quality. Their new Ryoko backpacks showcase their commitment to craftsmanship.

The Hayabusa backpack is perfect for boxing gear because it's lightweight and compact. It's made with tough ripstop fabric, strong metal zippers, and reinforced stitching, ensuring both style and durability.

For comfort and convenience, this bag has features like a designated glove pocket, sturdy shoulder straps, and a breathable padded back panel. There's even a mesh-vented glove pocket for easy access and to keep things dry.

A standout feature is the inner fleece-lined pocket with a headphone port, keeping your valuables safe while you enjoy your favorite tunes. If you're looking for a smaller bag, this one fits the bill perfectly!

Best Gym Backpacks For Boxing Training

Hayabusa Ryoko Backpack

  • Inner fleece-lined pocket with headphone port
  • Durable ripstop fabric and metal zippers
  • Lightweight and small
  • Mesh panels for ventilation
  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel for comfort

Final Thoughts

I hope my review of the top gym backpacks for boxing training has helped you figure out which brands to go for. Remember, these backpacks are something you'll be using every day for a while, so it's worth investing in a good quality one even if it costs a bit more.

What matters most is that it lasts and meets your needs. Any of the brands mentioned in the review are solid choices made by trusted manufacturers, so you can't really go wrong with any of them.

Well, I guess that’s just about it! Thank you for taking time off and reading my review of the Best Gym Backpacks For Boxing Training