Best Free Standing Punching Bags For 2020 (These Are Excellent!)

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When training for combat sports such as MMA and boxing and for general fitness purposes, punching bags play a very significant part.

It can help in enhancing our power, footwork, techniques and many more. However, most people are only accustomed to the punching bags they see hanging on the ceiling. Actually, there are different kinds of punching bags with different purposes!

In this article, we will focus on free standing punching bags. We will find out its benefits. And of course, I will give you the best free standing punching bags for 2020! With that being said, let's get started.

Benefits of free standing punching bags

Before we start on the best free standing punching bags for 2020, let's get some knowledge about why this equipment is very important!

Here are the benefits of free standing punching bags.

#1 Convenient and portable

Compared to the hanging punching bags, the free standing ones are very portable! You can easily transfer it from one place to another.

Speaking of the base, you can easily fill it up with water since you can just drain it out after using. Filling it up with sand is challenging to get it out afterwards.

#2 No need to mount

The best reason why free standing punching bags are nice compared to the hanging ones is that you do not need to mount it!

Hanging punching bags need bolts, brackets and bracing for you to safely mount or attach them to the ceiling.

But in the case of free standing bags, you don't need to! Maybe except for the heavy bags one since you still need a metal support system for its stand. However, free standing punching bags only need their bases to be filled up with water or sand for stability.

Best free standing punching bags for 2020

Century Wavemaster Heavy Punching Bag

Whenever it comes to quality, the Century Wavemaster Heavy Punching Bag outshines the others! High quality vinyl and plastic is used for its cover. It offers a rapid rebound and an optimal resistance.

Moreover, this bag is designed for high-impact punches and kicks, making it perfect for your training.

Its round-shaped base makes it very portable and easy to transfer. Furthermore, the base requires to be filled with either sand or water. After filling, the approximate weight of the bag is 250 pounds.

The best part of this free standing punching bag is the adjustable height! You can choose from 47 to 68 inches, whatever you prefer.

Ringside Elite Free Standing Punching Bag

Free standing punching bags are very nice are perfect for the young martial artists out there. Moreover, this equipment and surely deliver the solid power building aerobic fitness workout.

The Ringside Elite Free Standing Punching Bag can withstand multiple hits without falling over! Furthermore, it has an added base pad for protection when you deliver kicks.

Apart from that, the base can be added with sand or water up to 270 to provide the best support!

This punching bag is made from high quality and durable materials. It has a shock-absorbing foam that is covered with a synthetic leather shell. Moreover, it has a removable foam collar which can increase or decrease the movement of the spring-loaded bag.

Century Wavemaster Extra Large Training Bag

If you have a tall figure and is struggling to look for the perfect free standing punching bag, then your worries are answered by this product!

The Century Wavemaster Extra Large Training Bag is tall, wide and has a high quality striking surface, making it perfect for any martial arts training!

Moreover, its cover is made up of durable vinyl and the foam inside is tough and highly dense. As for the base, it is greatly stable with excellent weight distribution.

When filled with water or sand, the punching bag can approximately weigh around 270 pounds, with a height of 69 inches and a diameter of 18 inches.

Century Versys Fight Simulator

The Century Versys Fight Simulator is cheap and very versatile! With that, it is perfect for both standing and ground training.

The small base may look useless, but it can perfect bounce back quickly on powerful strikes! Moreover, it is designed for you to go beyond strikes.

You can practice your ground skills with this punching bag. With high quality and durable material, this bag is undoubtedly one of the best for 2020.\

It weighs 110 pounds and has a dimension of 60x10x10 inches.

Everlast Powercore Free Standing Heavy Bag

The Everlast Powercore Free Standing Punching Bag is an excellent and improved design which will provide ease during your training.

Moreover, its PowerTransfer collar and PowerCore steel plate, are both installed for maximum impact and absorption.

It also has a tri-disc foam that can lead to maximum energy and a very compact base for better accessibility. 

Overall, the punching bag is very strong, easy to assemble, resilient and flexible. Furthermore, you can adjust its height according to your preferences!

Century Hybrid Punching Bag

The Century Hybrid Punching Bag is fit for any types of martial arts training. It is very durable and even has straps on top of it. As for the base, it can be filled with water or sand and easily remove it!

It can easily handle the top and even knee strikes. It is made from vinyl and foam and has a handle at the top with a strong grip.

Valor Free Standing Punching Bag

The Valor Free Standing Punching Bag has  a high-density foam for absorbing shock and impacts. Furthermore, it is created with a PVC leather and a vinyl cover.

It is very durable and can withstand extended training and any kinds of strikes you give it. Also, it can hold more than 100 pounds of sand!

In addition, it has targets around it for enhancing your strikes in a specified landing location.

The dimensions of this bags are 68x25x25 inches. Both beginners and experts can benefits from this punching bag.

Velocity Boxing Reflex Punching Bag

This Velocity Boxing Reflex Punching Bag may be ideal for children, but it is a great equipment for you too!

This comes with a pair of boxing gloves, a hand pump, and other hardware you need to assemble it. You can also adjust the height of this bag!

Century Youth Punching Bag

A standing punching bag that is suitable for training especially the young ones and it is available in black and red.

Given its standing nature, it is easy to pick up and take down with its wide striking area.

Its size measures 14x13.7x51 inches and weighs about 40 pounds.

It also has a pre-filled base. Not only men can utilize it but also women.

Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Punching Bag

This free standing punching bag's area is not fully covered. Also, the punching area is quite small. This doesn't need the multiple freestanding bags to adjust for any height of the user since its own stand is flexible and therefore is adjustable from small to XXL.

It is made with high quality and strong materials. It weighs 130 lbs. 

Fully equipped with high grade shock absorbing foam at the striking area, this bag also has an outer shell that promotes long lasting durability and purpose. With it, base movement can also be reduced.

Bottom Line

Well there you have them! All of the best free standing punching bags for 2020! All them are actually great.

To be able to know which one to choose, just simply follow your preferences. Thank you so much for reading my "Best Free Standing Punching Bags For 2020" article!

If you have comments or questions, feel free to leave them on the comment section below and I will gladly respond!

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