The Best Focus Mitts For MMA Training (Top Rated – 2024)

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Hey there! Are you searching for the best focus mitts for MMA training?

In boxing and MMA, hitting the heavy bag helps with your strength, endurance, punching power, and technique. But there's another tool that's just as important: focus mitts.

Focus mitts are padded gloves used in training, typically worn by a trainer or partner. The aim is to simulate sparring or real competition. Landing punches on the focus mitts requires accuracy, speed, coordination, and good technique. It's also a way to practice defensive moves like slipping, bobbing, and weaving.

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Best Focus Mitts For MMA Training

1. Hayabusa PTS 3 Focus Mitts

You've probably come across Hayabusa while looking for combat sports gear. They're a top brand globally known for making high-quality products.

The Hayabusa PTS 3 focus mitts, in particular, are great for speed training and practicing combos because they're lightweight, compact, and sturdy.

One cool thing boxers appreciate is the air pocket cushions that make a satisfying pop when hit just right. It's a feature experienced boxers really enjoy.

Best Focus Mitts For MMA Training

Hayabusa PTS 3 Focus Mitts

  • Durable and Lightweight optimum for high speed mitt drills
  • Excellent fit stays in place in hands
  • Air-pocket cushion contributes to nice feel when landing

2. RDX Boxing Pads Curved Focus Mitts

If you're on a tight budget but still want top-notch combat sports gear, check out RDX. They're endorsed by many famous fighters worldwide. Their curved focus mitts offer great value.

Made from durable special leather, they're long-lasting. Plus, they use foam layers to absorb impact and protect your hands. The design includes a palm dome for better grip and comfort.

With good ventilation, they resist sweat during long workouts. Overall, a smart purchase!

Best Focus Mitts For MMA Training

RDX Boxing Pads Curved Focus Mitts

  • High-quality leather makes for long lasting durability
  • Breathability and sweat-resistance fabric
  • Elongated area suitable for kicking 

3. Sanabul Essential Curved MMA Punching Mitts

Recently, Sanabul has consistently been making the highest-rated combat sports gear. While they originally focused on Jiu-Jitsu, they've expanded to cover other martial arts too.

Their Essential Curved MMA Punching Mitts are currently the top seller on Amazon. Why? Well, they're not only affordable but also offer better quality than many other brands. These mitts have everything you need for training.

Sanabul always delivers top-notch foam, ensuring impact absorption. The mitts are hand-molded for a secure grip, comfort, and the right fit. Plus, the durable leather used ensures longevity.

Best Focus Mitts For MMA Training

Sanabul Essential Curved MMA Punching Mitts

  • Santec Ultra Light Foam absorbs punches
  • Performance engineered leather to ensure durability
  • Perfect fit for hands

4. Fairtex FMV9 Contoured MMA Training Target Focus Punch Pad Mitts

The punching pads feel comfy and fit well on your fingers. They're light and can absorb shocks well. Plus, they're easy to put on and take off since they don't rely on Velcro. Overall, they're a good buy!
Best Focus Mitts For MMA Training

Fairtex FMV9 Focus Mitts

  • Finger protective hood and soft compartment for hands
  • Super durable, designed for heavy duty use
  • Light and good shock absorption

5. Elite Sports Focus Punch Target Mitts

Elite Sports is a company that makes great stuff for various fighting sports. They create gear that's both affordable and really good quality.

Take their focus punch target mitts, for example. They have special foam inside that absorbs shocks well, protecting your hands. Plus, they're made of leather, which is easy to clean, and they stay on your hands securely thanks to the adjustable Velcro straps.

These mitts also have mesh panels on the palms to keep your hands cool and dry. And they're shaped just right, so you can punch and kick from different angles easily. If you're looking for something that's both good and affordable, these mitts are a solid choice!

Best Focus Mitts For MMA Training

Elite Sports Focus Punch Target Mitts

  • Relatively cheaper than other brands
  • Excellent comfortability and ventilation
  • High-density shock absorbent foam for better protection

Final Thoughts

Here are some great focus mitts for MMA training! These are used in almost every MMA session, so it's important to see them as an investment. Always go for quality over price!

Using focus mitts is crucial for improving as a fighter. It helps you practice the moves and punches you'll use in a real fight, training your muscles and reactions.

Safety is also key. Warm up properly and train with good coaches to get the results you want.

Thanks for reading my article on the best focus mitts for MMA training! Feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts in the comments below!