5 Best Adidas Boxing Shoes for Women: Kickstart Your Training!

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Adidas Boxing Shoes

Finding the right pair of Boxing shoes are for the most part, hard, especially for Women. Lucky you, in this article, we will list out and review the best Adidas Boxing shoes for Women. These selections are guaranteed to help you get the best out of training!

The emergence of more women participating and taking a career in fight sports, especially Boxing have been exponentially greater in the recent years. More women are now in sports, and thus there is also a larger demand for sports equipment, women sports apparel, and gears for them. 

Before these famous sports brands came up with sport equipment products for women, it has been a struggle for women to fit in the right kind of shoes because most sports shoes are designed for men. Which usually fits only for men sizes and men’s taste. 

Fortunately, today, sports companies have started to design Boxing shoes specifically for women, and is now handy and available worldwide. Boxing shoes are one of the most important outfits for Boxing. Wearing the right kind and comfortable shoes will make your Boxing experience less painful which boosts your power and strength to the next level.

Cut hard, strike fast, and stay light, these are the aim of Adidas when designing the best Boxing shoes for women. Their design is best for post-work fitness, regular Boxing workouts and for those that take their sparring activity seriously or the professional women boxers.

Buyer's Guide

Boxing shoes are part of the gear that you put on every training session. I consider shoes as being an underrate because it has so many effects on performance, especially with the constant movement nature of the sport. However, people are not giving it much attention.

With this being said, it is of extreme importance to select the best possible pair of shoes that can help you improve your skillset.  For those who do not know much, or lack further knowledge about shoes, I will be discussing several factors to consider in choosing what the right pair of Boxing shoes are for you.


First and foremost, it is better to stick with reputable brands to ensure the quality of the shoes you’re using. The overall quality of the shoe will likely dictate how well the shoe will fit your preference. Most high-quality shoes also are the better ones in terms of durability.

In my opinion, it would be ideal to stick with reputable brands to ensure the quality of the shoes you’re wearing. It includes brands like Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Ringside, Cleto Reyes, Ringside, to name a few.

Comfort and Ankle Support

Boxing requires a lot of movements. Therefore, your ankle will move a lot, as well. The primary purpose of boxing shoes is to protect your ankles and feet as a whole. There are three different types of boxing shoes, low cut, mid-cut, and high-cut. Which types of shoes you’ll be using depending on the type you are comfortable with.

Comfort may depend on your personal preference, what people feel on one specific brand may differ from another. You can look for extensive reviews on YouTube for the best boxing shoes for women that are listed here.


The grip is an important factor to consider because it allows you to keep your balance. Also, balance keeps you away from potential injuries. With boxing requiring constant foot movement and bursts of speed, having a sole with a good grip will be necessary.

Different sole materials have different grip strengths. They also have different applications. Since it is for boxing that you are gearing on, then it would be better to opt for rubber ones.

Adidas Boxing Shoes For Women

1. Box Hog 4 Shoes

"Boxing shoes built for agility in the ring." This new design is a variation of the famous Adidas original Box Hog shoes. Its main feature is lightness, breathability, and support. True to its feature, the shoe material is Knit mesh upper with synthetic suede overlays and an Abrasion-resistant toe cap.

It has a gum rubber outsole for a total inner reinforcement and a die-cut EVA midsole wedge supports your midfoot for a stable stance. Compared to the previous Box Hog 3, this version has 5 color options which are Black, White, Blue, Red, Steel.

To be good at Boxing, you need to have the best feet. Well this is perfect because the Adidas Box Hog 4 Shoes promotes lightness, agility, and better footwork coordination. This is a shoe that will stay light until the final bell rings.

A typical price point for shoes that are designed and used for heavy duty and an action equipped activity. With all its features and carefully designed body of the shoe structure I am pretty sure that this is worth the price. I always believe in the saying that you get what you pay for!

Adidas Box Hog 4 Shoes


  • Lightweight
  • Strong ankle grip
  • Ripstop mesh upper for breathability
  • Welded support cage for stable feel


  • Since it is a high cut shoe, taking it off on on will be a hassle

2. Speedex 18 Boxing Shoes

It is crystals clear on its tagline that this shoe is designed for lightweight or lightness. The shoe has a lace closure, single-layer mesh upper with stability ripples in the forefoot and stability straps around the ankle and rear foot.

It has durable adiwear outsole with textile lining and a heel pull. Just like most of the Adidas Boxing shoes it has a Lightweight EVA midsole which is an important attribute for a light shoe. It is a lightweight and supportive feel or a glove-like fit that is perfect when doing strong and fast movement. An option for color is Core Black, Cloud White and Core Black with its ever-present signature stripes in black white and gold colors.

When looking for a Boxing shoe for women, even for men, people always consider its weight. Is it light? Will this shoe enable me to move quickly? Will it support my feet when I am moving at a fast pace? These are the questions that were on the minds of the designers of this shoe when they were making it.

And that is the purpose of this shoe, to make you feel light on your feet. What I like about this shoe aside from being light is its feminine feature or attribute. Its body is narrower than other usual Boxing shoes which really holds a narrow female foot sole. It has a little bit of a pointy shaft which is a bit similar to a pointed high heel shoe. I can say that this is a high heel shoe on the ring Boxing ring version. This is not for everyone, especially for those that do not want a pointy shaft and a narrow sole shoe.

Another plus point for this shoe from me is their durability. This shoe is durable, it can last up 2 years and still no scratch or deformation in it.

Again, the price point is pretty much worth on the scale of what the shoe is doing for you. It is light which is perfect for your speed on the ring, it protects and holds your foot sole which enables your stability during the action.

Speedex 18 Boxing Shoes


  • Adiwear outsole for durability
  • EVA midsole step absorbing
  • Stability support


  • Might feel narrow for others

3. Speedex Ultra Shoes

The Adidas Speedex Ultra Boxing shoes are an upgrade to the Speedex series, which ultimately proves that the best just got better. Interestingly, the shoes are created while being backed up with insights from pro fighters, therefore it is really perfectly tailored to cater everything that a Boxer needs.

The shoes has a mesh upper that's has perforated EVA inner layer to keep your feet comfortable through intense workouts. With this comes the lightweight feel and airy breathable sensation. The shoes has foam pods that keeps your heels locked in and stable so that you can keep your balance with every punch, weave, and pivot you do.

The best thing about these shoes is that it features at least 50% recycled content. Wouldn't you want a product that will help end plastic waste? Lastly, footwork can be the biggest difference between winning and losing a fight. Dominate the ring with these pair of excellently crafted shoes!

Speedex Ultra Boxing Shoes


  • Breathable mesh
  • EVA midsole step absorbing
  • Stability support
  • High traction


  • Others may not be comfortable with the cut too high

4. Adidas Women's Crazyflight

The Adidas Women's Crazyflight is the only shoe in this list that isn't purposely manufactured for Boxing applications because it is originally for Volleyball. However, this shoe is so dynamic that you can use it across any sport, including Boxing and other combat sports.

The Crazyflight shoes is ultra lightweight, really designed to make users maximize their movements. The stretchable mesh upper along with a moulded sockliner and suede-lined heel provides stability. Alongside this, there is a TPU midfoot reinforcement that will keep your foot from sliding sidewards. 

This shoe features the responsive Boost midsole and rubber outsole gives you the energy and traction you need to get the best out of your footwork. The Adidas Crazyflight can be bought in two different versions, either low-top or high-top. It would be best to choose the high-top for Boxing applications.

Adidas Women's Crazyflight


  • Stretch mesh making it lightweight
  • Top Grip rubber outsole for excellent grip
  • High traction


  • Not purely intended for Boxing purposes

5. Stella McCartney - Boxing Shoes Collaboration With Adidas

You might or might not have heard it, but famous English fashion designer Stella McCarthy collaborated with Adidas to make a perfect and fashionable Boxing shoe for women. The collaboration created a complete sport look from track jacket, 3-stripe tee, track pants, low cut socks and of course the Boxing shoe.

The brand specifically highlighted the firmness and flexibility attributes of the shoe. It has a lace closure, a mesh and synthetic suede and padded upper. The same with the first two it has an EVA midsole. It has a rubber outsole and has the item available in black white, cloud white and pearl grey colors. It promotes a street ready Boxing shoe look.

A collaboration with a fashion designer may sound like the product is just for a mere fashion outfit and less to its purpose as a Boxing shoe but no, that is not the case for this baddie. This collaboration Boxing shoe might not be for everyone, but for those who like comfort, innovation and style on the Boxing ring action, this one is perfect.

This shoe promotes grip and stability on the ring with an innovation and distinctive sophistication. This is super lightweight and has a breathable mesh to lessen the sweat formation on the inside of your shoe which can cause bacteria releasing bad odor. You can guarantee your stable footing mat grip with its rubber outsole when doing footwork exercises.

I honestly love this shoe, because it does not limit me to use it in the ring or gym only. It can also be used for a street look outfit or even after going to the gym. I do not have to change my shoe, I can just wear it. I like the idea that I have a shoe that I can use for Boxing and at the same time when I am out of the ring. It gives the same comfort that normal Boxing shoes offer with a touch of feminine fashion.

Price point starts at $112.00. A reasonable price for a Boxing shoe that supports your foot grip and maintains your balance and agility on the ring. For a hoe that I can use inside and outside of the gym or the Boxing ring, the price is just right.

Final Thoughts

Well, that is all. The list may be short but these are the best Adidas Boxing shoes for Women that are available on the brand. I also hope that the buyer's guide will assist you in choosing Boxing shoes, or even any type of shoes.

We have our own style but when it comes to buying a good pair of Boxing shoes, you need to think and remember that it is important to consider comfort, support, and durability. As the saying goes give a woman the right kind of shoe and she can conquer the world, in this case, “give the boxer woman the right kind of shoe and she will conquer the ring.

Always remember to stick with quality over the quantity or price of the shoe. There are cheaper brands in the market, and most of them are certainly from unrecognizable brands or imitations. But as cheap as they are, the level of quality and safety that these brands offer may not come close to those offered by recognizable and reputable brands.

You can never go wrong with the ones listed above. Thank you for taking your time off reading my best Adidas Boxing Shoes for Women article!

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