7 Best Boxing Gloves On Amazon For Excellent Performance (2023)

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Manny Pacquiao Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

To channel your peak most performance in Boxing, you will need the proper gear. And what better way to look for such than in the biggest online merchant worldwide? You can find the best Boxing gloves on Amazon, as well as other Boxing equipment

Getting it right, a pair of gloves are the most important fight gear in Boxing. Simply put, no boxer is complete without this. Boxing is an art, not a sport just to hurt someone. And with gloves, you can protect your hands and your sparring partner or opponent from attaining serious injuries. 

Often times, your local mall or store won't always have an array of available Boxing gloves and they will only have a few selections usually those of regular gloves. However, you can't be limiting yourself and not be the best version of yourself with such.

In Amazon, there are limitless options of everything. It is convenient as you can just buy a pair at the comfort of your mobile phone. Official store brands offers their products in this platform that's why it's the perfect place to find the brands of Boxing gloves you will want to have.

Therefore, you might be wondering, what are the best Boxing gloves on Amazon? If this is what’s going through your mind, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will review them all!

Buyer's Guide

As said earlier, you can't bring out the best performance out of yourself if you do not have the perfect gear to do so. Do not make the rookie mistake of choosing gloves just because it looks cool or buying because it's cheap. It won't ever go well for you in the long run.

Boxing gloves are an investment because it will be the single piece of equipment you will use again and again for the duration of your training. If not chosen properly, you will most likely end with easily damaged and uncomfortable gloves, and worse, and injury.

What's more in the following sections are the important factors to take note so you can find the best Boxing gloves on Amazon!

Intended Purpose

If you have been training Boxing for quite a while, you will have known by experience that there are different types of gloves, each for different applications also. With this being said, make sure to buy the correct pair of gloves for the type of Boxing training you are involved in.

For example, if you're just having Boxing for fitness, then training gloves are the perfect ones for you. These gloves are usually lightweight, comfortable, and suitable for the average activities in Boxing classes.

The following below are the different types of gloves that you may find around:

  • Training or sparring gloves – Primarily used for common training activities like sparring and mitt work. You can easily find these in online shops and are usually what's available in your local stores.
  • Bag gloves – These gloves are mainly intended for heavy bag workouts. They are usually much heavier with thicker paddings compared to training gloves. Spending long hours hitting a hard heavy bag can make your hands sore, something bag gloves can prevent.
  • Competition or fighting gloves – Fighting gloves are what's used for professional matches. Depending on the governing body of the competition, it's usually regulated for both parties' safety. In addition, fighting gloves weight can also be agreed upon both camp sides.


One key characteristic that sets different types of gloves apart is the paddings on the gloves. You can use gloves with less padding if you're only using them for punching bags or Boxing mitts. If it's for professional competitions or sparring, then you might need to use more padded gloves.

Foam was the only protective padding that had previously been used into Boxing gloves. Fortunately, there are now superior glove paddings available, including memory foam, EVA foam, and even gel paddings, thanks to recent technological advancements.

Even so, due to the fact that boxers spend a lot of time hitting punching bags and sparring, hand and knuckle problems are a typical problem even in the professional scenes. Therefore, use thicker paddings for your own protection.

Size and Weight

As with any piece of equipment, you should always think about the size of the gloves you plan to purchase because how well they fit your hands will substantially affect how comfortable they are. Additionally, wearing gloves that are the wrong size will make your hands hurt or fatigued.

Generally speaking, the weight of your body can also influence the gloves you choose to purchase. The sizes of gloves for men and women may differ. Below is a summary of what to consider when buying a set of gloves in regards to weight:

For Men:

  • Less than 50kg – 12 to 16 ounces for sparring sessions and 8 ounces for bag workouts.
  • 51kg to 65kg – 16 ounces for sparring sessions and 8 to 10 ounces for bag workouts.
  • 63kg to 76kg – About 16 ounces for sparring sessions and 12 ounces for bag workouts.
  • 74kg to 90kg – 16 ounces for sparring sessions and 12 ounces for bag workouts.
  • More than 90 kg – 16 to 18 ounces for sparring sessions and 12 ounces for bag workouts.

For Women:

  • Less than 45kg – 12 to 16 ounces for sparring sessions and 6 ounces for bag workouts.
  • 45kg to 50kg – 16 ounces for sparring sessions and 8 ounces for bag workouts.
  • 50kg to 60kg – About 16 ounces for sparring sessions and 10 ounces for bag workouts.
  • 60kg to 70kg – 16 ounces for sparring sessions and 12 ounces for bag workouts.
  • More than 70kg – 16 to 18 ounces for sparring sessions and 12 ounces for bag workouts.

The Best Boxing Gloves on Amazon

1. Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast is one of the most recognizable combat sports brands around, particularly Boxing. The brand is around since the early 1900s and has provided quality yet affordable Boxing gloves since then.

If you watch the tapes, you will see them worn by Boxing superstars such as Miguel Cotto, Andre Ward, Deontay Wilder, Nonito Donaire, and Brandon “Bam-Bam” Rios. In fact, they routinely used gloves in most of their bouts.

Just by referring to the Boxing champions wearing Everlast, you see that you’re only getting the best out of this brand. Accordingly, the Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves is just one example. 

These pair of Boxing gloves is specially designed to prevent wrist injuries such as hyperflexion, joint sprains, and the like. While it protects you from potential harm, it provides comfort and mobility. Aside from their quality, the gloves are also very affordable and perfect for beginners.

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves


  • High-quality materials used
  • Affordable
  • Quickly dries after cleaning them
  • Full mesh palm 


  • Short wrist straps

2. Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Fairtex is a brand from Thailand that was founded by Philip Wong in 1958. The company primarily manufactures sports apparel and combat sports gear for Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, etc.

As the term suggests, the gloves are specially designed for Muay Thai training or events. Thus, you may find that the paddings of the Fairtex Boxing gloves are a little thinner than the backhand.

Nevertheless, the gloves are still very good for Boxing and can be used in sparring sessions or bag workouts. The reason for such is that the protective feature of the gloves is not compromised in any way.

What I like about the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves is that they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Lastly, they are one of the toughest and most durable gloves on the market. Getting one would serve you for years of usage.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves


  • Made up of special high quality leather
  • Affordable
  • Well-crafted
  • Durable


  • Less paddings

3. Meister Pro Boxing Gloves

Meister is an American-based company founded in 2006 that primarily manufactures combat fighting gears and apparel. One of the company’s popular gears is the Meister Pro Boxing Gloves.

Upon seeing the Boxing gloves for the first time, they indeed are a little bit bulky. This is because these big hand gloves are designed for heavy bags and fitness workouts. While it is the case, the overall design of the gloves is pleasing to look at with its added carbon fiber finish.

Another notable feature of the gloves is its breathable mesh, which helps keep your hands dry from sweat. The Boxing gloves are also very durable and offer sufficient padding to protect you from potential injuries.

Overall, the Meister Pro Boxing Gloves is one of the best Boxing gloves on Amazon in terms of having a good value for money. Nonetheless, it should be the perfect pair for beginners.

Meister Pro Boxing Gloves


  • Durable
  • Relatively affordable compared to the others on the list
  • High-level protection


  • There are gaps within the gloves, even if it’s the right fit.

4. Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves

Ringside is a well-known brand in terms of providing quality gear that is used in Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Taekwondo, and Jiu-Jitsu. The Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves, particularly, is a perfect set of gloves for either bag workouts or sparring sessions.

The design of the gloves is pleasing to look at. This may be the case, the overall quality of the Boxing gloves is not compromised. The Boxing gloves are very durable and they could last long, even if you use them regularly.

But I guess one of the most important factors here is that the gloves are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Therefore, it allows you to move better and help you achieve more accuracy.

The internal design is made of non-leather materials. Thus, it makes the interior soft to the touch. The exterior, on the other hand, is made of synthetic leather, which makes the outer gloves more resistant to water and sweat. This means that it is easier to clean.

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves


  • Lightweight and has mesh palm
  • Synthetic leather, antibacterial liner
  • IMF padding


  • Gloves that were made of synthetic leather may not be a good insulator in cold environments.

5. Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves

When you see Hayabusa gears for the first time, your initial reaction might be that it’s a Japanese brand. Well, not exactly. The company is actually a brand that was established in the way back 2006 in Kingston, Ontario.

The Hayabusa brand offers one of the best Boxing gloves on Amazon. Their products consistently top the ratings because of the features it presents. Moreover, they boast the Hayabusa S4 Boxing gloves as a glove that checks all of the boxes.

A pre-curved ergonomic pocket, grip bar, and thumb shape ensure that your hands fits perfectly aligned so your hands experience a natural position while punching, alleviating strain and fatigue out of your hands.

This pair of gloves are perfect for beginners. It has a splinted wrist support and cushioning foam that enables proper fist closure and effectively absorbs shock. Meaning, your hands are properly protected in case you throw a bad punch.

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves


  • Padded knuckle protection
  • Breathable palm mesh
  • Splinted wrist support
  • It can absorb shock effectively that can protect you from injury


  • Individuals with big hands may have trouble wearing the gloves

6. Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Training Gloves

Cleto Reyes is a family-owned company from Mexico, it is another brand recognized worldwide that’s primarily producing combat fighting gears. Their Boxing gloves are referred to as the “Gloves of the Champions.”

Cleto Reyes is called such because their Boxing gloves have been worn by many champions like Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio, Mike Tyson, Oscar de la Hoya, Muhammad Ali, and Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez.

It is also the preferred glove by many boxers, and not only fighters from South America. It is the preferred glove by many fighters worldwide for a good reason. Their gloves are well-crafted and made of quality materials.

The materials used include leather from goatskin. Such leather is very durable that it can last for a long time. The paddings, however, look slim if you compare them to other competing brands, but they could still provide sufficient protection during training sessions.

Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Training Gloves


  • High quality leather
  • Long-lasting latex foam paddings
  • Excellent Hook and Loop straps
  • Feels like you are punching without gloves.


  • It has thinner paddings

7. Venum Impact Boxing Gloves

Venum is one of the top mixed martial art companies in the world. They are most popular for their Boxing and MMA gear, accessories, and equipment. What makes them stands out the most is their impressive range and style of Boxing glove options.

Venum has become one of the go to brands for Boxing gloves because not only do they offer cheap prices, but they have the best looking styles of gloves in the market. You can see that the Venum Impact Boxing gloves looks so cool, and they even have many colorways to choose from.

Construction-wise, these gloves are topnotch. The longer cuffs creates a better feel for your wrist and added by a strong Velcro strap makes it extra comfortable and secure. The insides of these gloves are soft which keeps your hands from getting fatigued and sore easily.

Venum also boasts their featured triple-density foam in these pair of gloves, which guarantees good shock absorption. The semi-leather material if flexible and durable, and gives a satisfying sound when you hit the heavy bag or mitts.

Venum Impact Boxing Gloves


  • Triple density foam
  • Large Velcro enclosure with strap
  • Longer cuffs for comfortability
  • Durable leather and seams


  • Leather can crack easily if exposed to sun and moisture

Final Thoughts

Overall, we have come to the end of my review of the best Boxing gloves on Amazon. For a smarter purchase of gloves, please do consider the important factors that were listed in the buyer's guide and maximize the sufficient information given to you.

You can never go wrong with any of the brands listed in this review. But one final advice, though. You have to take note of compatibility first and try if the Boxing gloves suit your preference in terms of protection and comfort.

Always keep in mind that in terms of purchasing gears like Boxing gloves, prioritize quality over quantity. Consequently, the benefits of having the best Boxing gloves will surpass any of those benefits you thought of having after opting to cheaper brands.

Lastly, I hope this article helped you in your search for the best Boxing gloves on Amazon, and assisted you to be able to determine which of those brands perfectly suits your needs. Thank you for taking time off and reading my content!

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