Adidas Speed 50 Boxing Gloves Review: Is It Good?

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Anthony Yarde Wearing Adidas Gloves

Adidas, usually known for making shoes and sportswear, might not be the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about boxing gloves. Surprisingly, though, they have a noteworthy product in this category—the Adidas Speed 50 Boxing gloves.

If you're on the hunt for quality training gloves and happen to stumble upon Adidas in your search, don't dismiss them too quickly. Despite a somewhat limited selection, Adidas gloves are well-crafted and highly rated, with the Speed 50 model standing out.

This review delves into the gloves' appearance, simplicity, and positive user feedback to give you an in-depth understanding. If you're curious about the material, design, and overall pros and cons, you're in the right place.

And if the Speed 50 gloves don't quite align with your preferences, fear not—I've also included alternative boxing gloves that you might find appealing

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About Adidas

Adidas, a German company founded on August 18, 1949, by Adolf Dassler, is widely recognized for producing sports apparel and gear.

The name Adidas comes from the combination of the founder's nickname, "Adi," and his last name, "Dassler." Alongside competitors like Nike, Reebok, and Puma, Adidas is known for its high-quality and stylish sports shoes, covering various sports such as basketball, football, American football, running, and baseball.

Despite its prominence in mainstream sports, Adidas also caters to combat sports like boxing and MMA, which might surprise some people more familiar with brands like Everlast and Venum. One example of Adidas' offerings in this arena is the Adidas Speed 50 Boxing Gloves.

Is the Adidas Speed 50 Boxing Gloves Good?

I want to begin by saying that the Adidas Speed 50 Boxing gloves are a great choice for beginners. These gloves are high-quality and versatile, making them suitable for various types of boxing training, including sparring and heavy bag workouts.

They're specifically designed for serious boxing training, not just for casual or fitness use. Considering the features it offers for the price, the Adidas Speed 50 Boxing gloves are a good value. We'll go into more details about them in the sections below.

Material Used

The outer layer of the Adidas Speed 50 Boxing gloves is made from a tough kind of synthetic leather called high-polyurethane. This material is really durable and lasts longer compared to regular leather gloves.

These gloves are sturdy but also flexible, making them perfect for hitting heavy bags and doing mitt training. Because of the polyurethane leather, the gloves are lightweight, making it easier for you to move around and punch more accurately. That's why they're also good for sparring.

Comfort and Protection

The Adidas Speed 50 Boxing gloves are designed with a special type of cushioning that has multiple layers, offering a comfy feel and shielding your knuckles from harm during long training sessions.

These gloves also incorporate 3D mesh technology to let air flow through, preventing your hands from getting too sweaty. What's more, the gloves are made in a way that forms a single piece, ensuring a snug grip and robust support for your wrists.

The broad and sturdy Velcro strap adds to the protection for your wrists. It's crucial to pay attention to these features to avoid any injuries or damage to your hands.

Professional boxers have tested and approved the Adidas Speed 50 Boxing gloves, and the feedback has been consistently positive!


The Adidas Speed 50 Boxing gloves come in six different colors: black, white, red, pink, neon green, and pink. They have a simple design with a large Adidas logo on the knuckles, making them look striking, stylish, and neat.

Unlike other well-known boxing gloves, these gloves have a somewhat rectangular shape instead of a square one. The inside of the gloves has a premium lining, ensuring a comfortable and secure feel.

These gloves are designed to be water-resistant, making them easy to clean and keeping the outside dry from sweat.

Adidas Speed 50 Boxing Gloves


  • Great shock-absorption
  • Comfortable lining
  • Wide Velcro's strap for added wrist protection
  • Lightweight


  • If not taken care of, will wear down over time as it is made up of synthetic PU leather

Editor's Alternative Boxing Gloves

If you've checked out the review for Adidas Speed 50 Boxing gloves and still have doubts about whether they're a good choice, no worries! There are other gloves in the same category that can also boost your boxing skills. These alternatives are well-liked by people, so you can trust their quality too.

1. Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast is a well-known brand in combat sports, especially boxing, with a history dating back to the early 1900s.

Famous boxers like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Deontay Wilder, and Miguel have sported their boxing gloves. The Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves, a testament to their quality, is crafted with durable synthetic leather, ensuring longevity.

Similar to the Adidas Speed 50, these gloves resist tearing even with regular use. With a solid reputation built over the years, Everlast is a trusted choice among many fighters.

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves


  • Everfresh treatment technology prevents odor and bacteria
  • Evershield padding stabilizes hands and wrists for a truly secure and comfortable fit
  • Evercool Technology prevents hand to sweat


  • Padding around the knuckles is not that good compared to other competitors.

2. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

When I first got these gloves, I thought they were from Japan because of their style, but turns out they're made by a Canadian brand called Hayabusa, based in Kingston, Ontario.

Hayabusa is known for making good-looking and durable combat sports gear, and in this review, I want to suggest their T3 Boxing Gloves. These gloves are great because they're versatile, super durable with features like a 4x splinting, a comfy thumb, a double closure system, and a 5-layer foam design.

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves


  • Premium foam technology absorbs impacts excellently
  • Dual wrist straps and splinting system keeps hands aligned and wrists protected
  • Interior fabric is smooth and keeps your hands cool


  • Much more expensive than the others on this list

3. Ring to Cage Gym Training Stand-Up Boxing Gloves

The Ring to Cage gloves are well-made with strong stitching that holds everything together securely. What makes them even better is the comfy inside, making them a pleasure to wear. On top of that, the outer part is tough and can handle hours of training.

It's good at soaking up shocks, which is great for keeping your knuckles safe. With over 15 styles to pick from, these gloves are not only reliable but also easy on the wallet, being the most budget-friendly in the lineup.

Ring to Cage Gym Training Stand-Up Boxing Gloves


  • Perfect for heavy bag training with synthetic leather shell
  • Secure wrist straps for injury prevention
  • Foam technology is durable and guaranteed to last long


  • The collar can accumulate sweat depending on your skin

Final Verdict

I hope my review of the Adidas Speed 50 Boxing Gloves has given you enough information to decide if they're right for you. If not, there are other options to consider.

These gloves offer good value for the money, suitable for various types of training due to their lightweight and comfortable design. They keep your hands dry by allowing air to circulate. The durability of these gloves is worth noting, ensuring a long lifespan even with regular use. 

If you're serious about improving your boxing skills, investing in this pair is a wise choice. I appreciate your time reading my review, and I hope to see you again soon!

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